Splinterlands Quidditch: A 12 Mana Game

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The Quidditch challenge is a great initiative put out by BDCommunity, in which @splinterlands players are invited to share their strategies for winning with certain rule sets.

The challenge post linked to a post by @azircon in which he showed how simply playing Kron the undying in a 12 Mana battle was an effective winning strategy.

I know this because I myself have recently been beaten by this exact strategy, plus a chicken - here.

This was actually the second time I'd seen Kron's Last Stand ability in action, and it kind of annoyed me because it's about as crude as the 'Alric plus loadsa magic monsters' strategy, and I can see this Kron thing becoming the 'go-to' 12 mana with Earth strategy.

I outline below my anti-Kron 12 mana strategy, but that's a bonus, first off, here's something different, from Dragon/ Earth which I've found works really well with Earthquake and 'No magic' battles!

A 12 mana strategy for Earthquake/ no magic rule sets....

(Cumulative mana in brackets)

Summoner (3) - Selenia for the plus one to the Chef (see below)

Cocatrice (5)

_This is a great no magic 'tank' - but it's not a tank, everything just misses i!

Failed Summoner (7)

I find Fire is played a lot in low mana, so the demoralise comes in handy, as does the reflect, which is useful against Water!

Khmer Princess

Tank Heal for the front, Triage for the back!

Goblin Chef (12)

This is my key card - the afflict and poison and 3 damage with Selenia are what I rely on.

The Chicken (5)

To protect the chef!.

Modified anti-Kron 12 mana strategy

The annoying blunt Kron strategy is a tough one to beat, but here's something that might work with the right rule set, namely 'heavy hitters', and below I've opted for dragon with Earth as a counter to the Blunt Kron.

(Cumulative mana in brackets)

Summoner (3) - Selenia for the plus one to the Chef (see below)

Failed Summoner (5)

The Chicken (5)

Spirit Shaman (9)

Goblin Chef (12)

I'm thinking this would work well against Kron as he is slow (speed 2) and so there's a chance the Spirit Shaman's stun would kick in as the first strike, and then you've got 6 damage coming from the Chef, no healing.

Between the Stun and Afflict, there's a really good chance of stopping Kron healing.

The Reflect ability of of the Summoner also adds on another 2 damage for Kron in Last Stand Mode.

You've got at least four rounds of six damage if the Stun kicks in every round because of the Failed Summoner and Chicken and Spirit Shaman's divine shield.

NB - this is an untested theoretical line up, but thanks to @azircon for putting the challenge out there.


This strategy is weak against sneak, but if yer not expecting Kron you could always swap out the Shaman for a Khmer Princess maxed for the triage as a defense against this, and maybe a Cocatrice in the rear?

This does depend on max summoners, but I play Champions, so that's what I'm used to!

And finally, if you like resource scarce challenges, you should really check out @exodegame I think you'd like it!

I've just realised I might be too late for the entry, never mind!


You are a bit late :) But good strategy!

These contests are weekly and usually the deadline is late Thursday. BDC has a Friday 10 PM (BDT) meeting where the results are announced. If you are curious these are the 3 winning posts.

1st Prize: https://hive.blog/hive-190212/@simplifylife/splinterlands-quidditch-a-12-mana-game-ruled-by-the-ruler

2nd Prize: https://hive.blog/hive-190212/@xawi/splinterlands-quidditch-a-12-mana-game-the-real-test-of-skills

3rd Prize: https://hive.blog/hive-190212/@burlarj/splinterlands-quidditch-a-12-mana-game-small-but-mighty-little-legends

Feel free to post for the next contest. Wait for the official post to come out... usually late Sunday.

PS. Ideally I prefer an actual battle example. Even if it is not your battle that is fine. You can likely find your battle strategy from the thousands of other battles from the database.

OK cheers! Thanks for the advice.

This is one of the games I would really love to have started at its beginning :)
It has taught me to trust my instinct a little bit more :)

I have much better results when I use @darthgexe's stats tool to work out which splinters have the best win rate for certain rule sets - then I just load my deck which the cards that have the highest win rate in general!

I then tweak using instinct!

You need one card at least to do the damage in these low mana games, I tend to use Fire.. it's got a lot of low mana critters in the ranks, Serpentine Spy comes to mind.

I think the Chef with Selenia is quite nice for that, not as good as SS, but I don't play fire!

I see a lot of people using the melee debuffing summoners as defence against Fire.

Poison/ blast/ stun are great too. Dodge might have its place come to think of it.

I have a Chef, but he's only Lvl6, need to get him to 8. I like the second tier ability of poison.

I levelled mine to 9 - where he picks up 2 damage, partly because I like the card, and partly because I clocked the Orbs were close to being sold out a few months back, i think those ORB cards are great investments. I've got lots of armourers!

L10 would be pointless for the additional cost.

I'm wondering whether the new Legendary Earth summoner will bring universal poison, it seems a good fit, maybe just one point a round, otherwise it'd be too much.

I'm wondering whether the new Legendary Earth summoner will bring universal poison,

That would be extremely strong, the life one I found underwhelming. I got 2 dropped but have not levelled it up.


What about Yodin,

He's just ridiculous.

Although if you get a high mana battle with no magic and play life - shieldbarer, truthspeaker, armourer, another armourer or resurrect card, two sneaks, you really can't go wrong, the tank comes back with all those shields in place.

Chanseus the Great, tell me otherwise, but he looks underwhelming.

With right rule set he's awesome - triage is one of the best buffs there is, and armourer when there's no magic is great too.

But he's not Yodin, no!

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