My Splinterlands report.

in #splinterlandslast year

Hi dear Pals, this season goes with a slow progress for me in the rankings, although I started the league in Gold II I'm still stuck in Gold I with 6 days left.


Anyways I pulled some nice rewards lately, as with the help of my potions I got this nice rewards yesterday.


A GF Brownie!, lucky me is one of my favourite cards of the game :).

So those potions seem to be really efective I have to say, the legendary 25% potion gave me two Lord A, a Lord of fire that I sold, a SOF, a Corrupted pegasus and a Hydra, with 22 charges left, so I'm very happy with this one. The alchemy potion has still 303 charges, so it's soon still to judge, but with that GF Brownie is starting to pay for itself.

The issue is that I'm struggling to accumulate DEC, with so many options is too tempting to use it. Anyone else is having this problem XD?, I guess that is a frequent one. Try to keep that DEC in your hands Pals... if you can.


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Wow you won a GF Brownie. it is 16$ valuable card. congratulations for that lucky card .

Thank you @mydays :), yes but the potions are expensive too, having in count that a Brilliant Alchemy potion costs 25000 DEC more or less 23$ now in the market, you need more than a GF Brownie to be reliable.

Don't worry your potion cost Should cover and get profit before end portion. GF Brownie has recovered 60% of the total potion cost now (15000 DEC).

Yes you're right, indeed I'm quite confident now that was a well wasted DEC, thank you for your kind comment mate :).

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