Going into season end without a lot of DEC

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I find we're hitting the end of the season today with the bot not as full of DEC as I would like - currently only a little over 60,000. I have some hope I'll be able to get a little more in there yet today, and I'll be around for the first bunch of reward opening so I can burn a few cards when they get to max, which should help.

Why did this happen?

When I started this bot, I assumed that at least 90% of its volume was going to be made up of cards for which burning is currently their only real value: Rusty Android, Undead Minotaur, and the like. Cards that are either essentially useless in the current meta, or in dramatic oversupply. (Divine Sorceress isn't a terrible card, for instance, but is a long way form new ones being worth more than the DEC value.) At that rate, just accumulating cards until they're at the max and burning them for the max bonus would keep the account's DEC balance stable or rising a little bit.

Instead, that number has been more like 60%. It's a great problem to have if 40% of the cards sent to the bot are worth more than it pays for them, but it does mess with the liquidity ratios a little bit. I'm keeping a lot of those cards and folding them into my rental portfolio, and reselling some of them, which takes time. Buying cards that I want to keep with the DEC in the account naturally brings down the balance.

What am I doing about it?

There haven't been any customer-focused updates to the bot recently, but I've been working on it on the back end. It's now set up to buy cards listed for less than my DEC target price for Steem/SBD, which should increase the ratio of burnable cards and help me get the balance up, and allow me to automatically fold back in the money gotten from selling off cards. That's working well but it's only been running for three days or so.

I've been trying to get more DEC together in time for season rewards, and eventually I'll be able to get some in, but three different markets all went the wrong way last night, and I may not be able to inject more cash into the system at a reasonable price yet today. That will eventually happen, so if you want to burn a big gold card and it bounces back, you might have to wait a day or two, but the bot will still be taking them.

Still selling BETA at 1600 DEC

One way to get the liquidity up would be for people to buy some packs. There's almost two million DEC worth of packs still in the account, and this is currently well below the lowest sell price on Steem-Engine.

A little wishlist

There are some gold cards that would be particularly helpful to send in soon if you happen to be thinking of burning them. These are ones the bot is closest to being able to flip for the max bonus.

  • Phantom Soldier
  • Highland Archer (x2)
  • Mushroom Seer (x4) (x2)
  • Skeleton Warrior (x4)

Burn cards for DEC

Ottermaker continues to pay 101% of the burn value for all non-gold cards, and gold cards from the Reward and Promo editions. Once this liquidity issue is resolved I plan to open up the bot for Alpha and Beta golds as well; it already buys them from the market, so I'm gradually building up a supply.

Gold Common757.51515
Gold Rare30306060
Gold Epic1515030300
Gold Legendary75750151500

If it doesn't have enough funds to buy your card, it will automatically send it back.

Ottermaker is brought to you by @tcpolymath.

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Got the Phantom Soldier, which helped out a lot. Over 200k DEC in the account now.

And the Mushroom Seers, so it should be healthy going forward.

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