BETA sale, probably for the last time.

in splinterlands •  10 months ago 

I've turned sales of BETA through the Ottermaker bot back on, the price is now 2500 DEC. There are 577 packs left in the account, at which point I'm out and they'll probably never be offered again.

If you haven't done this before, you just send DEC to @ottermaker on Steem-Engine and it will send you BETA tokens in return, one for each 2500. To turn the tokens into openable packs in the game, you send the BETA to @steemmonsters and they will appear in your in-game account.

We're ok on DEC for season rewards - about 400k between accounts that I'll consolidate tomorrow - but it would be nice to have a little bit of cushion for next season so that I can focus more on adding new features and less on making sure there's enough DEC all the time.

Ottermaker is basically where I want it, there are some features that need to be glued together once there's enough DEC to hold in two separate places. (S-E account to handle card sends, Splinterlands account to handle market buys.)

Goal for October is to finish some back end additions to Herons that will allow me to make more use of all the cards I'm getting. November's going to be all about putting a front end on it so a lot of the account setup/reset work that I'm doing can be handled directly by owners and players. I'm going to be traveling for much of the winter, so I'd really like to get as much of this out of me handling it manually as I can before then.

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how long will the beta packs be active for buying ?

and is it really just that simple that I send 2,5k DEC to @ottermaker ?

Until it runs out or I decide to change it.

Yes, just send 2500 DEC and it will send a BETA token.