Finally made it to Champions on Splinterlands!

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I was going to post the share your battle weekly challenge by splinterlands today but I got so excited to reach challenger that I just wanted to share with all of you!

When the game first came out I was a little reluctant. I wanted to give it sometime to see where it goes before I spend my hard earned steem on a new blockchain game. After seeing @pardinus constantly preaching the game I decided it was time to start investing a little bit into it.

Best investment of my life for sure, this game is amazing and it keeps improving every week. Also if I ever decided to stop investing in it and sell all my cards I would come out of it with a MASSIVE ROI!

Reading that splinterlands has decided to move their game to HIVE was one of the best things that could happen for me. Changing everything must be a lot a work that could be used to further advance the game, the app or something else but I feel safer knowing that Splinterlands will no longer be associated with Steem!

The last battle for champion III

I was very lucky to find a player with much lower level cards because his strategy was pretty good! He made me miss a lot of hits during that battle, I personally don't like the miss strategy because it relies to much on luck. Here's the replay if you're curious:

Can't wait to get my 80 cards by the end of this season and hopefully I can end my daily quest in champions for those extra cards 😉! Next goal is to get Chapions II, but it will require me to invest a little bit more, I doubt I can make it there with my lvl 6 Malric.


Congratulations!!! I've made it a few weeks back for the first time too, and last season for the first time ever I've made it to champion II! Your improvement has been awesome, you'll see when you least expect it... champ II it is! Good luck on those season rewards! ;)

Thank you! Good luck for you too!

Moving up to the champions league is always exciting each season!

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Nice, congratulations! I'm inching my way towards champion 3. But it’s quite tough to progress through diamond 1 with level 4 summoners 🙃

I only have one of my summoners at lvl 5 for the difficult matches!
Good luck keep at it and you'll get there!

I did make to champion 3 earlier today, but then I kept getting thrashed by level 8-9-10 cards lmao 🤣 Back at D3 now.