Splinterlands Art Contest - Drawing Elven Mystic

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Splinterlands Art Contest!

Hello friends, this is another post for the Splinterlands Art Contest I had drawn for the Art Contest last week but I had a problem with my internet and cannot post so let's go to the drawing for this week I chose the card Elven Mystic, below I will leave photos that show how I did the drawing from the beginning let's go.

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Elven Mystic Card

barra 2.png

Many people can draw just by looking at the reference or as many say with the image in mind I am not one of those still use simple shapes to start square circles lines this is even good because you can see that starting with simple shapes is a great way for those who are starting to draw.

barra 2.png

Here, with the main lines already made, I start to darken them after I finish using an eraser and I erase all traces of the initial design and I start adding the points of shadows and lights and some detail that I want to add after everything is done.

barra 2.png

5-Finished Drawing


Card Art / Drawing

barra 2.png

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Splinterlands user abdias101

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