First time in the Champions League



I have reached the Champions league in splinterlands for the first time and with just a little under 13 hours to spare until the end of the season.

I have always got to Diamond 1 and got close a few times to Champions league but just to fall at the final hurdle, the extra chests hopefully will have something amazing.

Win ratio

This is the first time I have ever looked at my stats and of the the 7574 battles I have a positive win ratio of 51.8% with 3927 wins.

Highest ranking

I am currently at my highest ever with rating of 3705 and a rank of 183 which I find amazing that less than 200 are above me and I am not using any Legendary summoners and only have 1 maxed out main summoner.

Win streak

My win streak is a little pitiful at only 12 but considering I am always pushing for higher league places I don't expect to win every match, I do know of players who sit in lower leagues to farm DEC and find this just a little sad.

My favourite

My favourite card at the moment is the Orc Seargant as it has the reach ability coupled with inspire and can really boost a match with melee cards, it is a pain inspire only unlocks at level 6 as that would require a lot of packs but it is fairly cheap on the market and being able to use fiat currency to purchase cards now makes it really easy to boost a deck.


Roll on tomorrow

So with the season ending in 13 hours I will have only 2 hours to do my quest but I will need to get up at least by 7am so I stand a chance of squeezing that extra quest in, I will post my season rewards tomorrow.

100% power up

All my posts now will be set to 100% power up as I believe in this block chain and not the sock puppet master


Congratulations buddy, I was chuffed today too. I made DIAMOND 1 for the first time. I don't know what's happened with the player base, but I've been getting better results these past 4 seasons. Maybe less players (bots) means it's easier to climb higher

Maybe it is you are actually getting better and that's sweet dude.

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