Making a Champion Come-Back in the Splinterlands

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Making my Come-Back as a Champion

Did Splinterlands get easier, or am actually I that good?


Ever since before the infamous hive-forking happened I struggled with making time for playing games or looking into the steemisphere too much. During the past couple of weeks I've finally been able to put my paws back on the blockchain again.

Besides bringing my beloved bunny and kitten projects back to life, I also took some time to check out what's been happening in the best game I know on this chain. I mean... drugwars is as pointless as it always was, nextcolony became stale long ago and shutting it down was a shady but understandable move by the makers... I still haven't tried holybread and dcity doesn't even spark my curiosity... so there you have it:

Spliterlands is the best game on this chain

I'm not really qualified to make this statement, but I will say that I am quite impressed with the progress the game has made. So many new cards, lots of good tweaks to the game and reward mechanics, it's really just a great experience to play!

But there's still a Major Issue

Bots, bots and more bots. Don't get me wrong, bots are an awesome part of the chain, but all these splinterlands farming @neminers and @enminers that I face half of the time while playing the daily challenges are kind of annoying and put a weird spin on the competitive nature of the game.

And that makes me a Champion!

To conclude, I'm not actually that good. The competition is just dull enough for me to rise... but I won't complain, I easily made it to "champion" rank in the last two seasons and that means I did get tons of loot boxes to open and plenty of cards to flip... which is the biggest part of the fun after all!


all my untamed cards acquired from two champion come-back seasons
all my untamed cards acquired from two champion come-back seasons


Allthough the spoils of war haven't actually been too generous, no legendaries, hardly any epics, I still enjoy getting all these new "untamed" cards I haven't seen before and plenty of DEC for more fresh boosters on top of that.

And of course I have high hopes for another gold legendary drop in the near future! Wish me luck!


see you on the battlefield


I haven't tried Splinterlands yet. It's in my list of things to checkout.

Holybread has been bought out by @simplegame, and it's been improving ever since. They have lots of great features coming.

I've kept playing it even while it was still on Steem. Since they've moved to Hive and I've pretty much powered down all my Steem, I no longer have any use for that chain.

Here's my referral link if you ever decide to try it out:

If there are any referral links for Splinterlands, you can send it to me and I'll use it when I decide to give that game a try.

Wish me luck!

Good luck!

ok... i'll give the holybread a try... allthough it already seems stuck with "chosing a family name" ?!

not sure if the steemmonster referral program does much, but here's a link just in case: