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Hello Guys, This is my first ever entry post for the week's Battle challenge by @splinterlands and before i didn't participate in the weekly challenge because i was not familiar with this weekly challenge so today i am participating.



Well, i am not the old player of steemmonster game and this is my 4th season of SM journey but still learning the game rules and strategy

Battle Lineup and Strategy

Battle link

So this is my battle lineup of death summoner, let me explain it step by step so i was allowed for two summoners only battle the Death and Earth and my choice will be earth because I already upgraded it but unfortunately it was in cool down for 3 days so that's the reason that why i choose death.

So the rule was Armored up like additional 2 armors for all monsters. So i select most of the monsters with magic effect instead of melee attack because the magic attack reduces the health of the enemy monster instead of Armor.



In most of the games, i place the FURIOUS CHICKEN in the first position because this is a no MANA card but will give you more chances of winning like when you upgrade it to level 3 then the melee attack ability can work and will give you a chance to reduce one armor or health of the enemy monsters. But in this game, I placed it in the first position because to waste one attack of enemy monsters. so if you watch this battle in which 3 attacks are wasted like two ranged attacks from the enemy and one Melee attack.



In the second position, i placed the GELATINOUS CUBE because of the Scavenger ability to increase 1+health each time when an enemy monster dies. if the enemy monster will attack on it so first the armor will reduce and even during that time it will gain one health with scavenger ability. Sometimes Scavenger ability is great because it's like health-restoring and if you upgrade GELATINOUS CUBE to level 6 then the health restore ability will open also so this is a great Neutral Monster that you can use in any splinter. so in this battle, the GELATINOUS CUBE stands at last with 7 life remaining you can check it in the screenshot below.




Well, i just upgraded my death summoner also but that one also in the cool down and will be able to use after 2 days. Currently, i am using untamed level 2 death summoner of my brother @yameen. He already upgraded death summoner to level 4 so he delegated this one to me. so in 3rd position, i used the PHANTOM SOLDIER because this will attack on the health of enemy monsters instead of armor. Also, you can use it in an earthquake rule because this is a flying monster and can not take 2 melee damage in the earthquake rule.



Well, this one also a flying card and will be useful in Armor up rules to attack health instead of armor. However, it will also increase the chance of evading the Melee or Ranged attack. so i used this one also for the purpose to attack on enemy health the same as a phantom Soldier and also this is a low mana card so you can use it in low mana.



I think most of the users who use the death summoner will love this monster and will use this in every game because of the poison effect. i already have level 4 but my summoner is at level 2 so i can't use it but i am happy that i will use it after 2 days in my level 3 summoner after cool down. so in this game, i used it at 5th position because of the low mana and also i did not use any range or melee attack so i choose one Ranged attack also.



Last but not least so in the last position i used ENCHANTED PIXIEas a magic monster because this one is also a good card that you can use in earthquake rule or in armor rule so i select this one in the armor rule.


That's enough for today and stay connected with me for the next upcoming posts. i hope you will like this post and a bundle of thanks to the splinter land team for arranging a weekly battle challenge contest.

Source of the Theme image from Splinerlands post and other screenshots are my own taken from my battle.

Thanks For visiting my Blog

Best Regards @moeenali

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Hello and welcome to the challenge!
Excellent post.
For only playing for 4 seasons, you're doing great on strategy!
Since you're new to the challenge be sure to check out the posts in Highlights of the Week or just the comment section. I LEARN SO MUCH from these!
Hope to see you next week!

Thank you so much for the support

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