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Hello Splinterland warriors!

How are you all i hope you will be fine and doing well today i am here again with another post of Splinterlands sharing the daily quest rewards of today as i am busy with setting up my new phone so transferring files and data to the new phone is really a headache for me so sharing only the quest rewards to set up my phone for use.



Well, it was a quest with the earth splinter and i completed it easily just losing few battles during the quest then i completed it but did not claimed the rewards because i was trying to reach the diamond 2 league to unlock the 50 loot chest for the season end as well as the 12 loot chest for the quest rewards. So after completing the quest i played some battles to reach there so when i crossed the bridge from diamond 3 to diamond 2 then i claimed the quest rewards and got these rewards including 4 common cards, the sand worm, vulture, warrior of peace and the wave runner. Also, got some dec tokens with potion charges.


Soon the season will end within 1 day so hoping for the best rewards as i did not share the last season end rewards it was a busy season so i will share the next season rewards if i got time because in the next week i am going to give some more test for the job so studying for the test is more important than playing games.

All images are from the Splinterlands website if you are new to this game then signup here to play the game click here for signup

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Nice rewards. Hope you get your phone ready for new season and best of luck when you open your season ending reward chests.