Crypto Class Action Knights Arise!

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I love Splinterlands and I love the Class Action against Facebook & Google's Crypto Ad Ban!

What could be better than combining them?

A Steem Monsters Tournament for the Knights of the Crypto Class Action.

Tomorrow night is the first in a series of Splinterlands tournaments hosted by @jpbliberty where the entry fee is 1 SUFB token. Prizes are in Steem & SUFB.

The easiest way to get a SUFB token is to signup for the Crypto Class Action by sending an encrypted Steem memo to @jpbliberty saying "Join Crypto Class Action. My [email/Telegram] is [XXXX]".

You'll get the chance to get a nice $$$ payout if the case is successful and you'll get bonus SUFB tokens depending on the size of your crypto holdings.

More details in this post. Or you can use the regular online form in the link below.

This is both a thank you for the Steemians who have signed up already and a promotion to get more people to join.

Have Fun!!

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Signup for the Crypto Class Action against Facebook & Google's Crypto Ad Ban

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I am. all signed up for the class action law suit, and made it to the third round of your tournament this morning @jpbliberty ! Thanks for sending the token to enter. Best of luck with the lawsuit, upped and resteemed to help get more people on board this awesome initiative!👍🙋✌Following you now and looking forward to more updates!
Edit: I finished in third place, wow!! thats the first time ever in all these tournaments!! Thanks!!

You did really well!
Thanks for signing up and follow & resteem. I love the graphic!

Awe thanks, and your very welcome! It was amazing really, I always lose in the first round, lol! Glad you liked my Bitmoji, haha!!👍🙋😂
Curious, when do we get our SUFB Tokens for signing up!?

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Hi Karen, SUFB tokens are issued according to the value of people's crypto holdings as per this tableScreen Shot 20190620 at 19.21.53.png

Thats awesome, what I was wondering is when they will be added to my Steem-Engine Wallet!? its only showing the 3 SUFB Tokens that I won yesterday. I do have 907.529 Steem Powered up, plus 50.00 Steem in my Steem Wallet.👍👍👍
EDIT IN: Never mind I just got the email that I will get 1 Token. But I have not recieved it yet.
Question: do we get any additional SUFB Tokens when I upvoted plus resteemed your awesome post!? Just wondering and love this great initiative @jpbliberty , keep up the great work!!

I never did receive my SUFB For joining the lawsuit , when do they get added to our steem-engine wallets!? thanks again!🙋👌😎

Aren't the SUFB tokens claims on potential pre-trial settlements?

The SUFB tokens collectively share 25% of whatever damages award is made to those signed up for the class action.
That could be pre-Court settlement (before filing proceedings), pre-trial settlement or Court damages award.

So if someone spends the token to enter a tournament, does that person give up their share of that possible settlement?

No, firstly everyone who entered the tournament gets back the 1 SUFB token they used to enter.
But more importantly, the SUFB tokens only collectively get 25% of the damages settlement. 70% goes to the people that signed up in proportion to the value of their actual claim (ie value of their crypto holdings when the ad bans came in).

Ah that clears it up


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@jpbliberty, Great to see this Tournament. And the effective point is, how you are adding value to SUFB by adding these Tokenised Ecosystem into Steemmonsters.

And I've got to know about this coin few minutes back when i was going through from the Steemengine Token List. Stay blessed.

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Thanks. Its amazing how effective the tournament has been in getting people to support the case.

Welcome and wishing more success ahead. Stay blessed.

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