Let me Show you how to SplinterLand!

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My monsters run rough over the summons of others! Exploding inspired eels and thorns at both ends, this SteemAce Guild member did not have a chance!

A solid 30 mana match, here's a look all powered up:


The cat takes the first of 2 headers into our thorned turtle, and Shielded SilverKnight gets kited our Tortisan Mage and the Fairy, both buffed by Alric.

Its all coming apart at the seems for our opponent as the water dragon heals for the first time and takes down their Manticore secondary tank.


What more can this battle offer, you ask? Well, considering its knockout city, let's see if we can't get the Dwarven wizard to stun someone to see what happens. Above the peacemaker is stunned, and she comes around to taking a physical blow.

Here it happens, late in the second round. A stunned Silvershield rider gets facesmashed by an Inspired Water dragon.

The results? Double Damage!


I couldn't get a screen shot of it, so click the link to watch. The ending is particularily ruthless thanks to the dwarven stunner!

Number one stunner!

Watch battle here

Double Knockout does double damage....twice!

Enjoy it, until next time.


Wow! Thanks so much for your support! ❤️ ❤️ You made my night much brighter.