Splinterlands News Update 22nd November 2019

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Hi Everyone,

This is @marianaemilia reporting for the @contestkings community.

The good news never stops in the kingdom of Splinterlands!

We’re very excited to hear about a new partnership that could further catapult the success of our beloved blockchain game.

The announcement was from this featured post that highlights details about the WAX platform.

It’s a global decentralised marketplace designed for virtual assets, specifically those related to video games.

In short the WAX platform will allow millions of traders to create virtual stores on a single decentralised platform.

With each of the Splinterlands cards having a unique identification number the possibilities are endless in how far the game can reach into new markets.

The developers have advised that UNTAMED cards are nearly ready to be sent to everyone who participated in Kickstarter and Fundition.

If you sent your pledge via the Fundition it’s crucial you check this post for steps to redeem.

Alternatively for all Kickstarter backers an email has been sent to your registered profile with a webform for you to complete.

It’s also worthwhile checking out this update where we learn about some of the new card changes regarding previous Alpha / Beta printed editions.

Let’s take a moment to talk about tournaments, we had a real marathon of events playing out with additional prizes on offer over the last 2 weeks.

This was highlighted in a blog from @jacekw where he talks about his experience in recent tournaments.

The post covered analysing battles and explaining his current goal and motivation of reaching 1 million (DEC) Dark Energy Crystals in tournaments payouts.

Whilst we’re on the subject, do you know the number of DEC paid out in tournaments so far?

In this informative post prepared by @gfriend96 a weekly list summaries all DEC tournament winners.

There was also a new tool unearthed this week called the Monster Filter created by @gringo211985 and free to access.

This helps breakdown abilities in different levels and tiers with a easy to use filtering option that all players can benefit from to help build a successful team on the battlefield.

In creative art news we’ve had another preview of the Splinterlands wonderful encyclopaedia.

This time we were provided a little more about the geography and fauna of the kingdom of Earth.

If your interested you can find all the details here and shout out to @carrieallen and @chrisroberts for their exceptional work.

We also found some interesting literature in a story by @stever82 that really showcases the talent we have on our blockchain.

Did you know there is a Splintertalk tribe set up by the developers game?

The tribe is used to help distribute SPT tokens through a rewards pool to players talking about Splinterlands!

When you use the SPT tag in your post curators will upvote where the featured content has benefit to the community.

We have so many players providing great content so be sure to check it out when you get a chance.

This is Mary Emily 💁 signing off for the Splinterlands news.

Have a great week and see you on the battlefield!



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