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I have participating many times in the Steemmonsters Art Contest but this time i don’t want to share just a new Fanart of one Steemmonster...

Today I have a lot of them, actually all my Fanart I made so far! Much passion and many hour went into this composition.

I hope the one or other Steemmonsters Player will enjoy this pice and maybe some of the previous works for a few moments :)

If you want this pice for your private* purposes like using it as Wallpaper, Write me a pm on discord: bronkong #2359 an I will give you the high resolution Illustration.


That’s all for now, thank you for reading and if you do like this idea too pls share this post!

Tell me which one you like most and maybe which Monster you want to see next

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100 % Effort and Passion !


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Stay Creative!


greetings, bronkong

Excelent art-work, man!

Thank you!

Oh wow thats fantastic , I love it! Best of luck to you!👹👍
upped and resteemed

Thank you karenmckersie happy to see that you are still using my mermaid emoji 😀🤩

Your welcome ! Yes for sure, I have never changed it, Still love the Mischivious Mermaid and the water splinter team!❤👍🙋
Haha, a new bitmoji I just found!

wow, qué hermoso. Para mí ya ganaste el primer lugar :D

Is that a pharaoh on the selenia sky dragon? How comes that?
Cool atworks thanks for your great work!

Yes indeed , ITS the Dragon Archer Promo Card ;)
Royal Dragon Archer.png