Beta Burner Update (2) Total Burnt: $8.64

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Hey guys! This is just an update for the @beta-burner initiative.
If you're not sure what this is about, please have a read of this article!

We will be focusing further on burning gold cards from now on as they have a better burn:cost ratio. However, they are much more expensive to buy so we may be posting more frequently to save up to burn some gold cards.

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Summary of Cards Burnt


Current in-game Reserves

  • Credits: 116
  • DECs: 764

How to Support Us

  • Set beta-burner as the beneficiary for your posts (I will power down the Hive)
  • Donate liquid Hive or HBD into this fund (for a limited time, I will match 10% of all donations up to a total of 1000 HIVE donated by the public)
  • I have contributed: 10.010 Hive so far
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Honestly, as a new player I'm not sure what I think about this. Its certainly an interesting idea. It also encouraged me to buy cheaper beta cards before you could, since an increase in the price certainly means I won't buy them unless I REALLY want a specific card for some reason.
I will be curious to see what happens.

I do agree it may adversely affect new players getting into the game as an actual player since it means it's harder to have a complete deck. However, it also means it's more likely new players will join as an investor as they know there's always an upwards buy pressure on their cards.

That being said, there is always a slight power creep with newer cards so older generations will become increasingly futile, so newer players can always concentrate on the most recent editions for a cheap deck that's also reasonably competitive.

It'll definitely be interesting how this plays out and I'm prepared to stop this initiative if there's ever any major backlash from the community.

I'm prepared not everyone will be happy, but hoping at least the majority will like this initiative :)

I seriously doubt anyone will truly be upset by it... Unless you massively increase your spending or wipe out specific cards it will likely stay under the radar.

Are there many people joining as investor's these days? I'd expect most of them would have joined for the kickstarter.

Good luck!

I'm honestly not too sure how many investors vs players are joining. I am seeing quite a lot of new faces which is great, but don't really know their long term plans. I think the partnership with Ubisoft will be nice, hopefully that can speed up development a little bit and help with marketing.

 10 months ago 

You around, mate? Haven't seen you battling, and the guild could use the scrolls.

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