I Got My First Untamed Airdrop the Other Day!

in splinterlands •  7 months ago 

About a week ago, I realized I got about five regular-foil versions of this dude:


I have been procrastinating about posting about this. I have bought 123 untamed packs in total which means it is likely that I will continue to get at least some of these airdrops as new characters are unlocked. Hoping to get some legendaries or some golds! I managed to sell these airdropped cards for a total of a couple dollars which is great in my opinion 😄 If I can do that every time a new card is unlocked, I might even break even on my investments in the packs and also keep the untamed cards that I bought! 🚀💸 Have any of you who bought untamed packs get an airdrop yet? Let me know!

Thanks for checking out my Splinterlands shitpost!


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@alexvanaken, I had bought 5 Packs. Still waiting for my first Airdrop. Hoping for the best. 🙂

Congratulations and keep enjoying Splinterlands Journey. Stay blessed.

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I wish you luck with the airdrop! 😄💯

Thank you. 🙂