Splinterlands is the number one trending article on Voice

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I was put in contact with the author through our associates at the Blockchain Founders Fund. She wrote what I think is the best summary article of what we're doing and why we're doing it. She posted it to Voice and now we're the number one trending article over there. That's a good day!


You can find the article here. If you have a moment it's a good read!


Thanks Jillian. You did great!


excellent write up!

Most of the players are probably in their 30s and 40s but I like the family aspect....

My 8 year old son is playing @joshuam account all on his own now and currently sitting in 28 position in diamond league.

Good times battling each other watching the leader boards, swapping cards, ideas etc. Only thing i could ask for is, would be sweet if he he paid for his own fricken deck. :)

Voice, what´s that? LOL.

What? o knows even hive/ splinterlands is going to join the new 'world order'? In the article is written that it will change our very DNA oooo nooooow. They gonna changes us from the inside out. 🙈

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Voice fuck network agroed this guy's consider Latin America as a garbage, see what country they are accepting in their network.

Recognition !!


voice is worse than fb but this is interesting 😂

Awesome for Splinterlands!

good afternoon - @aggroed why don't you answer me? I wrote to you by mail as you asked. But I do not receive an answer from you - I would like to receive prizes for the early purchase of cards - soon it will be a year since I am waiting for my gifts that you promised me!

 last month 

Cause I do all my work in discord and you message in all those places but there. You're also like 5 months past the kickstarter so I don't have all that stuff on hand. I messaged you in discord hopefully we can figure it out there. I'll work on getting you stuff.


still waiting to get access to voice, even if its just to try it out.
But top trending with 19 little hearts??
Good article though

I waiting for a answer becouse i miss my funds @ steem @commentcoin account from the last withdrawls to the hive engine. I hope you can help

That was an awesome article with great insight into Splinterlands and its co-founder. I hope many will read it!



Congratulations Team

Great post