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RE: Prosperous Thoughts Bring Prosperous Living

in #spiritualitylast year

When I first glanced at the post, I read "Preposterous." Haha, now that would be something. I suppose it also applies. Preposterous thinking leads to preposterous living. Best stay Prosperous. And now I almost wrote posterous. What's going on? Posterous thoughts...maybe lead to a nice posterior, but I'll worry about my posterior another time. Prosperity, not posterity.

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Lol, I'm just here to figure out how many people can say Preposterous hippopotamus 3 times fast

😂 At some point it comes out, preposterous hypotamous or hypopopotamous.

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Preposterous thoughts bring preposterous living! I like the sound of that. There is a ring to it. In fact, I think I'm gonna go with that now. And maybe I'll get a posterior worth writing about to my posterity.

Hehehe :p