What would be your perfect day? Are you living it and if not why? @tribesteemup QOTW

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Ultimately we should learn to embrace the adventure as a good thing, something we most deeply want instead of seeing it as something that is happening against us.

This is why I prefer a state of inner equanimity and balance instead of overly losing myself in the feeling of experiences, because as soon as we prioritise certain areas, feelings or experiences in our life we will inherently start identifying with them, and will therefore experience any deviations from that more intensely and tend to get more stuck in them while at the same time anything that is not aligned with our desired and prefered experience and feeling might appear more lacklustre.

In a sense, once we leave our prioritised bubble, anything outside of it feels boring and dull, and usually we then live off the energy reserves accumulated in the bubble instead of being able to enjoy the very unique energy and beauty of the current moment. For some people who prefer getting lost in the experience I might appear as a spoilsport and boring but in truth I am probably able to enjoy just as much as them, if not more. I am simply choosing to not surpass the threshold where the clinging sets in.

A perfect day for me is a day where I am able to stay as grounded and internally balanced as possible irrespective of the nature of any events or experiences with their corresponding feelings flowing through me, whether seemingly most painful or most wonderful ones, hence allowing me to safely and soundly bypass and heal the magnetic pull into emotional currents created in the past and consciously savour the unique energy of the moment.

Spending time with family, partner or friends is great, but no matter how amazing a time I am having with any of them and no matter how much I feel at home while being with them, being just with myself, the alone time, for me should be the inner base camp which when returning into will always endow me with that tad more feeling of being truly at home than I could have when being with anyone else, for in the end I am the one whom I have to hang out with for good. So to me, the degree of feeling home whether when with myself, family, partner or friends, should be very balanced and close together, but if there is a tiny prioritisation then in this order: myself, family, partner, friends. This is how on the one hand I can enjoy most wondrous times with others while on the other hand to my best ability accept tougher times with others, whereby during either of both I aim at never attaching too strongly to the energy of the moment, achieved through never relinquishing my individuality and never losing myself to outer expectations and energy patterns. The pull into the present and the future should always outshine the energy of any memory lane. We can take a stroll down but without getting too lost in it. The energy of the present and the future is full of new, unique and independent creative potential which doesn't deserve to become unduly suffused by the past.

Becoming more and more aware of this, making the implementation of according practical embodiment thereof a priority, and realising how this enables me to increasingly shift into a position of inner peace and responsible experience of freedom when achieved, maintained and consistently enhanced successfully: that is the perfect day for me.

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I like that keeping

a state of inner equanimity and balance

It is a good way to be and well worth the effort to maintain it! It seems to be in building the awareness or being mindful that we can keep ourselves more in that state and will be happier for it!
Thanks for sharing!

So true. Were all inside.

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