Lexicon of spirit animals: lizard

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Mode of life:

There are over 6,000 lizard species globally, among which chamaelons, geckos, leguans and anguimorpha are the most widespread groups. They are scaled reptiles and can be found across the entire planet except Antarctica and ice-covered polar regions. Natural habitats range from steppes, deserts and mountain ranges to tropical forests and even the sea and coastal regions. The lizards' most salient characteristics are their eyes which can be moved independent of each other, their partially extremely elongated and flexible tongues to catch prey such as mainly spiders, bugs and larva, and their unique camouflage pattern. Some species also have tails with predetermined breaking points, allowing for the tail end to be dropped if at risk including the ability grow back a shortened, less-coloured version of the tail. Lizards are masters of camouflage whereby the colouring of their scaled skin is always perfectly adjusted to the environment they are living in. With their claw-like toes they dig into small joints so that they can even walk along walls and ceilings without losing foothold. Lizards life span can extend to up to 50 years.



Spiritually light aspects:

When the lizard enters our life, it foremost teaches us adjustment, balance, camouflage and regeneration. Whether hot or cold, lizards always adjust their body temperature as needed. They enjoy sunbathing to demonstrate that relaxation and enjoyment is vital, but they also instantly know when it is time to cool down in the shade if necessary. Hence, lizards teach us to not evade our shadow side but to contront it with open arms and integrate it so that we can learn what works for us and what doesn't. Knowing when it is right to withdraw and distance ourselves when we feel something is starting to be to our well-being's detriment. This is the essence of taking responsibility for ourselves: following the guidance provided by our inner compass unconditionally. We know best what is good for us and what not. Once we find that balance we will gain the ability to always flexibly adapt to our life circumstances depending on what is needed at that time. Additionally, the lizard's capability of dropping and regrowing its tail when at risk encourages us to trust our physical and emotional regeneration abilities when we feel like something is eating up on us. Death always heralds the birth of something new.



Spiritually dark aspects:

On the other side of the spectrum, lizards' propensity to play dead in the attempt to deceive predators who have caught them stands for dangerously overbearing trickery in the assumption that others are fools not noticing. Cultivating such a degree of false self-assuredness in our life harbors the reckless abandonment of all defenses and the giving away of our power. Ultimately this reflects our inability of creating an independent and innate sense of confidence and trust in ourselves, instead tinkering our self-image by constantly exposing others' short-comings. Most often we then blame others when we feel like being restricted in our expression of power. Yet in truth it is all our own choice and has always been.


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Just caught some lizards on cam by a lake the other day. I just noticed i have some reading to do. Missed some posts of one of my favorite Steemian‘s.

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Thanks for the kind words. Hopefully you will find some inspiration and guidance from my posts applicable to your current life on-goings :)


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You like lizards? :)

Most definitely I do, they speak to a primordial part of myself..

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Are you cultivating a terrarium?

No, I have a cat and a turtle only..

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