Payouts coming tomorrow...

in #spinvest10 months ago

Had to take Dad to ER last night, life interrupts things as you all know!

Here's the schedule of pmts, we decided to take the UNDY shares and split evenly.
Helps the little guy a bit more and promotes new joiners? WE HOPE SO!

SPI-NEO final Nov 2019 payouts.png


Sorry bout your pops man.

That's very generous.
Hope your Dad is okay.

Hope your dad's ok.

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I hope your Dad is OK....Family first!
Excellent to see this rolling, and encouragement for the small accounts will definitely have me adding to my delegation!
Cheers my friend!!!🤗👍

Sorry ro hear about your old man buddy. Hope. Its all OK?

Are these neo delegators to @spinvest-neo? I'm sure you've got 1500 from me but can't see my name on your list.

As always positive thoughts and energy to both of you.

Thanks for the update.

Looks great but have been too busy, too tired, too frayed and not enough Neo to get in on this yet.

My prayers are with you and your Dad!

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