Now taking PAL Tokens, 1000 or more to join!

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This is doing well, we have some good gains in Pal Coin and it is going strong!
This too will be quarterly, we are one month in so the quarters are out of sync. This is good because I have another account to pay on the quarterly schedule.

There are nearly 18,000 VP in PAL POWER with 4 DELI-Gators... Not Bad for a token with SUBSTANTIAL VALUE!

The good news is that YOU CAN JOIN, this 'open enrollment period' ends soon, March 16th so get in NOW.
Earnings so far are 277 PAL. This will be split proportionally.

PAL logo, large.png


...and a good Profit for all our Participants!

PS: We need account names of big-earning PAL contributors, all Spinvest-NEO people can help us build our curates trail. Many cross-post with neoxian which is a win-win scenario for this account and all the recipients of our votes.


I have already set a buying order and as soon as it is filled, I will delegate the PALs.

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I have just sent you 1,250 PALs. The rest will be sent as soon as I buy them...

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Thanks RONDO!
I suspect we could be driving the prices up by this
'project' :D

So same set up as Neo in terms of ROI? staked saved, liquid paid

EXACTLY the same except for payout schedule.


Hell yeah, I've been waiting for you guys to add PAL, I got 1300 of them ready to go, who do I delegate them to? @spinvest-neo or did you start an @spinvest-pal account?

@spinvest-neo is the destination...
There is a lot of crossover between PAL and NEO, so same account makes lots of sense. Less tweaking on auto-voter settings...

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Good call.. Sending delegation now. :0)

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Hey friend, I was just wondering about the spinvest payouts for this months neo delegated tokens. Last month I got nearly 6 spinvest tokens for my delegation and this month I didn't even get 1? Now I know you double it on our first month, but I was wondering why it went from nearly 3 a month to not even 1 spinvest token this month? I don't know if it was bad math or just a bad month. Since I didn't see a post put out I figured I ask about it. :)