A few observations about this venture...

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I am setting the 'minimum deli' to 100 for @spinvest-neo....

But don't worry if you cannot do it immediately. I noticed that DELI under 100 was not returning ANY REWARDS (remember, we round SPI rewards to 2 places! ie: 1.014 > 1.01, 1.015 > 1.02) We have several members under 100 DELI but there is time, and even if it is not done before the Starting Bonus ends, it is OK and no one will be expelled. It's just a good idea to actually get rewards for delegations :D

A great way to get more NEOXAG is to comment on my posts!

I spread around much "AG" to my commenters. I've always done that with the UNDY Account and I do this one similarly. I's good PR and helps the community spirit! So... COMMENT and GET VOTES! 😎

VOTE these posts Heavily, it really helps!

...and this vote you give my posts actually comes back to you, these rewards are YOUR REWARDS! If everyone voted 100% on every post, the growth would be much quicker! Even Steem Votes are for rewards, that can and will be powered down for buying SPI.

10 SPI makes one eligible to be a Voting Member!

SPI members are clearly skewed to the smaller accounts, as a SPI/OG I am in the top voting category, and I get 5 votes for owning over 5,000 SPI. An owner of 10 SPI gets 1 vote! ...Pretty generous voting schedule, 60 SPI can over-rule my 9100+ SPI if it is 6 basic members! But we are all in it together and have had great unity so far! It is an awesome group 👍💪👍

That is about it for now, I'd like each and every one of us to recruit some heavy-hitters in the Neoxian City to help us MOON this Token! it is a screaming BARGAIN right now, it is around $0.0025 to $0.003+ range, or about 1/10 the value of Steem Leo. I think Neoxian could be right up there with LEO, in fact. But I like them BOTH, I like them a LOT.


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Sending all the NEO I get over in the form of delegation....doing a great job with this account and helping to build a nice stream for SPInvest.

"I think Neoxian could be right up there with LEO, in fact."
Why? Could you explain your chain of thoughts?

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  1. Strong Community
  2. Dedicated Leader, he knows business and seems pretty adept with blockchain too
  3. Aggressive BURN Program, lots of tokens for early liquidity but the number will someday decrease, as opposed to inflate.
  4. We have "SPI/NEO"!!!


I knew that there were several reasons to be part of @spinvest-neo! :=)

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