Quick update, plus thoughts on the split.

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I just wanted to share a little news today, plus think out loud about the proposed SPI token split.

We have some POINT tokens.

A new tribe has launched, called TalkinPoint. It is to be a home for any and all political discussions. You can find the launch post here. I won't go into too much detail, my personal thoughts can be found in this post if anyone is interested.

For @spinvest-leo, we received an airdrop of 500 POINT tokens, powered up, as did all LEO token holders. My intention with these is to HODL. The tribe has potential, and the token could be popular as it has a different setup to many. 3 day payouts, 100% staked, with a 7 day un-stake period. I won't include it in the weekly update posts as an asset just yet, I wan't to wait a couple of weeks till some form of price discovery has occurred. Notionally, the airdrop is worth 750 STEEM at present, but I would be highly surprised if it stayed anywhere near that. No matter, we are playing a long game here and these could be considered earnings for the club from holding LEO.

If the tribe does succeed, and the primary earnings of this LEO account remain on track, I may consider allocating a small amount (5 - 10% of our voting power) to the new tribe.

SPI split.

As you may know, @silverstackeruk has proposed a split (or dividend if you prefer) to issue extra tokens to existing SPI holders and revalue the token back to 1 STEEM. Here is not the place to debate the topic, but to start to think about the consequences for our LEO mining arrangement. Obviously, if nothing changes in payout rate, the mining rewards effectively drop by 20 - 25%, and the profit this account makes will increase comparably.

The way I see it, there are a few options if the split proposal is approved.

  1. Keep mining rate as is - faster growth for @spinvest-leo account, smaller mining return for delegators, but this LEO account increases its owned LEO stake and builds our asset base faster.

  2. Adjust mining rate accordingly to keep the value of returns equivalent to current rate.

  3. Scrap a fixed payout rate altogether (1 SPI per 1000 LEO delegation per week currently) and move to a "percentage of income" model like the one in use by the @spinvest-neo account.

I won't give an opinion yet, just want to open this topic up for discussion amongst primarily my LEO delegators.

Please do speak up and share your opinion on the above in the comments section.

Thanks to everyone supporting this program, especially the delegators: (please check your wallets to ensure the payouts have been made correctly, this is all processed manually and I am human :-)). Don't forget, when making a delegation, please DO NOT put the @ sign in, it could start the zombie apocalypse (or at least the delegation doesn't work).

@jk6276.leo, @shanibeer, @bucipuci, @oldmans, @preparedwombat, @underground, @silverstackeruk, @tbnfl4sun, @qam2112, @melinda010100, @no-advice, @welshstacker, @crypticat, @ronaldoavelino, @conradsuperb, @sames, @metzli, @davedickeyyall, @mytechtrail, @elbrava, @lammbock, @ecoinstant, @silvertop, @elizabethbit, @banjocat, @cochiti, @coreyb, @cottonlion, @wapitielk, @steemitcuration, @fleur, @yonnathang, @dera123.

New delegations, or increased delegations always welcomed. You can delegate any amount, however 10 LEO would be the minimum to receive a weekly payout. If these are you first SPI tokens, feel free to ask any questions and check out @spinvest for more information.

Supporting the following accounts will support the Spinvest tokens growth:

@spinvest - the main account.
@spinvest-leo - this account.
@spinvest-votes - separate account to coordinate club member votes on a regular basis.
@spinvest-neo - new account for NEOXAG delegations.

JK - aka @jk6276, @jk6276.leo and other similarly named accounts :)


Thanks for the update...much to digest....I would love to hear other's opinion on this

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Interesting about talkingpoint and the new point tokens: I see that I also have an airdrop of 500 point. Could be potential here for a third sub-account of delegators? As you say, let's see what happens over the next few weeks 😎.

I've got mixed feelings about the options for @spinvest-leo rewards. On Wednesday, I would have said prioritise growing the asset base - so either option 1 or option 3 (depending how much work either option creates for you).

However, since the discussions about the SPI token split and the focus on increasing the distribution of SPI tokens, maybe keeping the rewards as high as possible and distributing as many SPI tokens as possible becomes more desirable? We are increasing the investor base, which is important, and possibly faster than through direct sales.

I suppose the bottom line for me is about each of the sub-accounts becoming sustainable in their own right, without depending on investment from the main account. Although, on the other hand, perhaps the best use of leo tokens earned through @spinvest is to use them to increase SPI distribution to delegators?

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