THREE YEARS on (Steem) HIVE for UNDY!!!

in #spinvest-neo9 months ago

5/11/17 to 5/11/2020

Been a heckuva trip, made a lot of nice friends here and a little money too. I became a Dolphin in that first calendar year, last day of 2017. Steem price was SOARING then, in fact, my account as a Dolphin (5000sp) was actually worth round $42,000 when the coin hit $8+ 🤑🤑🤑

I have a lot more Hive Power these days, but it's not that high, so total account value is maybe $10,000 at this moment. But definitely GROWING!!! I'm a big baller in SPINVEST, we are branching out and making waves as perhaps the richest Investment Community on HIVE, and also in SILVERGOLDStackers, perhaps the richest community on hive, overall! KICKING A$$!!!

It's been a great run, still hanging in there and finding new ways to Stack and Earn!




Happy Birthday, my friend!

You should have seen my presents 🤣