Spanish Freewrite: No trespassing / Prohibido el paso.

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Porfavor détente, no escribas que me quieres
Detente si tu intención no es quererme
No. No. Por qué recuerdas el pasado?
Se te olvidó que me has dejado?
Un te extraño no borra el pasado
Pon tu mano en el pecho
Y en el corazón a Dios solo así te dejaría entrar
Porque de otra forma tienes prohibido el paso.


Please stop, don't write that you love me
Stop if your intention is not hold me
No. No. Why do you remember the past?
Did you forget that you left me?
Say I miss you does not leave all that behind
Put your hand on your chest
And God in your heart, Only then would I let you in
there is a sign in front of my door that says: No trespassing .


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Eso se llama caracter. Gracias por compartir.

Nice one! Words are so easy to say. They need actions to back them up.
It’s the Wednesday prompt delivery team here with the bad tempered word for today:

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