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RE: Ya un mes de vida cotidiana en brasil

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Hi my friend,
It's nice to read about your life in Brazil. I think that you did a great thing with the sweets that your making and selling. I also sense this entrepreneur mentality in what you are doing and I hope you will be able to manage to increase your income. Maybe thanks to steem and splinterlands you will develop even more income. Especially if steem prices go up!

Best regards,


hello how are you glad to say hello, we have gotten a couple of times in splinterland hehehe,

I have encountered some inconveniences to undertake with the food, Brazil perhaps being so large and having such high taxes for export are quite closed for foreign things bone are not accustomed and are not very open to try, currently my clients are Peruvian , Bolivians, Paraguayans, Colombians, there are few Brazilians who dare to try and from what I have been able to observe so far is that the Brazilian does not like much of the sweet

On the other hand I decided to take more risks, I usually watch videos or read self-help or entrepreneurship material and in retrospect I realized that I have always been very cautious in everything I do and have seen good opportunities for that same caution or it is not that the I have seen it happen if I have not taken advantage of them that I could have really taken them out because of the fear of taking risks, taking advantage of the fact that I am earning enough to pay the rent and eat I am going to risk enough in splinterland, I will enter the kickstarter of 205 and When you deliver the code for an additional account, I will rent a maximum set to renquear, we will see how it goes hehehe, thanks for being interested in my immigrant history