"A Sonnet for the Rain"

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Thursday morning rain.jpg

The rain is coming down in rills,
Yet we remain dry, but still;
The weather often works to bring us down,
With sadness or fear we’re filled.

It need not be so my friends,
Getting wet does not cause the Cold,
Hope is always just around the corner,
Going forth we must be careful but Bold.

Is this not the formula for life?
Torrents of fear and misfortune threaten.
We just have to be careful and bold,
Go forth, live life and help out our brethren.

Be not afraid, don’t let fear rule your life.
Boldness with caution, always avoid strife.

“A sonnet for the rain”

Jerry E Smith
original photo taken 15 min ago

These .gifs were created for me by @coquiunlimited; many thanks


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Nice bro! A little poetry, nice meaning!

Thank you @captainquack22,
no offense meant ☺

I think this is the first full composition from me in 2020.

LOL, i actually appreciate duck jokes, long story but being a duck has been a part of my life. Keep it going man, rock on!

Your wish is my command!

Haha, thats me right about now. A night shifter, going in for a dayshift today. Wish me luck buddy.

Oh my! Getting off your routine can make one rather drowsy and inattentive.
Good Luck and be safe @captainquack22.

What do you do?

Glad to see that so much rain did not get to you and had an inspiring effect! Nice!

Well, the heavy rain did swing through about an hour later, really heavy rain, it has stopped for the nonce, but it hasn't stopped and won't until the weekend from what I hear.
Thanks @lymepoet