MOST BANNED BOOK IN THE WORLD: 200 Years Together Russian-Jewish History – Alexsandr Solzhenitsyn [English Translation Version]

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MOST BANNED BOOK IN THE WORLD: 200 Years Together Russian-Jewish History – Alexsandr Solzhenitsyn [English Translation Version]

The True Democracy Party is Proud to Present ‘The Most Banned Book In The World’.

1 Website and 1 Webpage have been pulled down since we began trying to bring this book forward.

This book is so Feared by World Zionist Jewry, that they have refused to translate it into English to this very day, the World Over.

This shows you how much of the World Media that ‘They’ control.

It’s been translated into German and French only, from the original Russian.

A group of Professors and Translators, so fed up with this Ultra World Censorship of an Acclaimed near masterpiece, and trying to keep information away from American’s, have begun Translating it on their own at their own expense, and are making it ‘Freely Available’ to all.

The result is a almost complete Translation, which can be viewed for free, as long as the various websites are up.

Most of the sites that ‘claim’ to have this book, Don’t. They just lure you in to give you their version of what Alex has to say.
We don’t believe you need their help or Propaganda.

We hope you enjoy a little unedited and uncensored truth.

200 Years Together

Two Hundred Years Together was written by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, the famous Russian dissident who won a Nobel Prize for Literature. It is about the time of the Russians and the Jews inside the empire. He wrote in Russian of course but various publishers decided they were not going to put out an English version because they were Jews or frightened of them.

The together of the title refers to Russians and Jews. The first volume was Russian-Jewish History 1795-1916. The second was called The Jews in the Soviet Union. So it is clear enough why the Jews were never going to like what he had to say.

Alex knew them close up and personal. Alex tells the truth about Jews so they hate him and his book.



Here the book:
Download link:

I suggest you put some dissenter messages at the ridiculously biased and off topic article (as it discusses everything except the content of the book) here

I suggest you upload this posting and the book to various alternative blockchain media like (which accepts PDF).


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