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RE: Just got sucked into a Twitter black hole

in #socialmedia3 months ago

Whiplash jumping eh, how's your neck XD

That seems like a really long time to spend on Twitter but I can't say much of anything I spend way too long on here x_x

Yeh the most popular posts are the ones that are all or nothing and where it's easy to hurl abuse at someone else, no one likes talking about how to solve problems, that's way too much hard work XD


i was thinking "yeah i spend a lot of time on hive sometimes" but it's different! you build relationships and get paid. Theoretically we COULD do that on twitter but very few do

Well yes and no. Like I mean yes because I can see the value of the time spent on hive, but no because the time spent on hive is time I'm not spending on art and I have a ridiculous amount of stuff to do XD