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RE: Just got sucked into a Twitter black hole

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I have to agree with you on most of that. I don't think that Twitter or Facebook want to be censoring anything. I think most tech people understand the need for free speech. Like you said, they are being pressured by the government, media, and self preservation as a whole to do what they are doing. It is kind of a no-win situation for them. If they allow the stuff to happen they get called out for providing the platform and enabling and if they squelch it, they get called out for censorship. Trust me, I don't hold them blameless at all, but I can see both sides.

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Yeah, I have pretty strong hunches but I try not to assume that these people are evil until I know for sure, and the thing about Jack is that it doesn't make much sense with ANYTHING he shows about himself, so he would have to be an extremely good actor to also be an evil mastermind. I imagine he has corporate shareholders on one side pushing him HARD and the desire to make everyone happy on the other but meanwhile his algorithms made the two sides of every argument so incompatible that no one will be happy. I like Jack. I think.

Zuck for me is another story, that guy gives me villain vibes. I don't think he has much respect for anyone...probably has an oversimplified view of the world from being both socially awkward, in a rich and powerful person bubble, and thinking he's the shit. I think he thinks he knows best and that's it. Could be wrong!