MeWe or Gab?!

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At the times when people are massively migrating from Facebook (e.g., just on Gab, in the last 48 hours, over 600,000 accounts have been created), I'm thinking about which of those two would be the best FB replacement?!

Although there is no doubt that HIVE would remain my primary blogging platform, and even though I have never been fond of Facebook, which accordingly resulted in my very occasional presence and rare activity there, still, I think social networks of this kind are somewhat essential and will remain important, especially when it comes to news, marketing and similar.


At first glance, both networks (MeWe & Gab) appear quite similar to me, and both are very similar to Facebook. Of course, each has its specifics, but I don't see some vast differences in general. (Please, bear in mind that I still didn't investigate any of them throughout.)

So, from one side thinking about some average Joe & Jane who are not very familiar either interested in blockchain, crypto, and staff, but would care about their privacy and social network inability and unwillingness to steal and sell it, I'm wondering which one of those two might be their first choice?!

From the other side, thinking about publishers and marketing perspective in general in a sense when they would want to send their message and reach a broad audience as much as it's possible (through groups, pages, or similar), I'm trying to figure out the answer for the same question as above.
Which one of those two would be their first choice?

I would like to hear your thoughts, opinions, and/or experiences!
Or maybe, there are some third or fourth social networks I didn't hear of that you might want to recommend!?!

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GAB is risking of getting shut down like Parler if you ask me. Otherwise, diversification is good. Like @scottcbusiness says, don't get to attached to just one platform spread out

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GAB has learned its lesson from its early days. They own their servers which allows them a bit of security from the hosting problems that Parler is going through.

Thank you for stopping by and sharing your opinion!
I agree with you that getting attached just to one platform wouldn't be the best option. It would be like putting all the eggs in one basket. And from that perspective, spreading out is surely the way to go.
But I was thinking more, what some common grandma and grandpa (who are not some hitech IT engineers) would choose?!

Never the less, regarding Gab and its eventual shut down in Parler's manner, I've heard that Gab is running on their own servers (not Amazon, or someone else's others), and that several days ago bought some new ones to "survive" somewhat expected migration, what apparently they did (with 600K new accounts created). Although, I've noticed certain problems with page loadings and stuff.

I just saw a post in my Facebook feed about Mewe and I recommend hive but will see...


I believe, it's always good to share the experience and inform the people about HIVE, although in this particular moment Hive can't completely replace all the funcionalities those other social networks already has. But I hope this might change in the future despite the enormous amount of work needed to achieve that.

Absolutely I see that...
One of the futures that people gonna miss the most in easy access to private messages.

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GAB looks better to me.
Been there since 2016