What To Do When You Have Always Been Social Distancing

Living under a rock.  Home sweet home.

Since i have been living under a rock, i have always been social distancing.

And now, that they are enforcing social distancing, part of me wants to rebel. But it is just safer to stay under my rock.

My biggest problem is that i do not like making people feel uncomfortable. It is easier to just adjust to whatever they feel / say the norm is. The norm has always been highly irrational to me anyways.

- - - - - - -

So, what does one do?

We want to resist tyranny.
We want freedom.
We do not want to be oppressed.

However, is the desire to get out and protest the best course of action?

In many senses, it is exactly what an evil tyrannical politicoach would want.

Oh, protest, protest all you want. Bwaaahahaha! Waste all your time. You will never vote us out, because we are all the choice you have.
Come on, are you going to burn down your own town? Do you need some matches?

Instead, what feels to be the better path is just talking. Post on f-c-book, ThemTube or anywhere about changing people's perceptions.

The narratives that govern-cement is essential. That police officers are good people, and there are only a few bad apples...

These narratives need to be challenged.
And it is only after people un-brainwash themselves is any revolution actually possible.
So, talking about it may be the best thing to do.

- - - - - - -

But, there is one better thing to do.
Start living free.

Disconnect yourself from their system.
Supply your own food.
Supply your own water.
Supply your own electricity.

Instead of protesting, i should spend my time showing people how to live a sustainable lifestyle.

I should spend my time writing about how to build green, continuously available, electricity.

- - - - - - -

All images in this post are my own original creations.


I have a chance to go to work. other than that I draw and share with friends.

Sharing is good


"Instead of protesting, i should spend my time showing people how to live a sustainable lifestyle."

"I should spend my time writing about how to build green, continuously available, electricity."

Yes, and how to setup aquaponics systems,and use CRISPR, and 3D printers, and use crypto, and make biodiesel, and...

Together these things make a complete system to produce the goods and services we need, and when we make those things ourselves, we no longer are dependent on corporations, or need a job to buy them, so we don't need to pay taxes that pay for cops and murderers all over the world either.

None of these things are done being developed either. Today you can go on thingiverse and get STL files that will enable you to print some doodad that someone else already designed. Soon there will be a similar mechanism to share CRISPR designs to make yeast that makes vitamins, or Losartan, or other drugs and additives, or all sorts of things, like feedstock for 3d printers.

I'm working on a plan for a bioprinter presently. Modern inkjet printers have too fine a resolution to print cells. 96 dpi is better for cells to pass through than the 1200 dpi printers more common today. I have heard there is an open source hardware source for such an inkjet printer, and some ideas I have for construction with living material may soon come to fruition, pun intended.

Actually, all we really need to do is start doing these things, and as we succeed people will admire our accomplishments and want those benefits for themselves. As tech improves, it will be ever easier to get those benefits going forward.

You'd almost have to put the world in house arrest to stop it.

Oh, wait..

The solar panel on the hood of my truck starts more conversations with people ready to start down that path. Honestly, it's a better chick magnet than a puppy.

One of the things about printing cells that no one has been bringing up is magnetism.
Putting a cell in certain kinds of magnetic fields causes changes in the cells.
I believe you will find one that can take apart and put together cells.

A lot of the revolutionary medical stuff in the near future will be the application of magnetics for healing.

Baby steps. First we need to gain the ability to provide our own medications. Then we can improve those medications, with that leisure not having to slave away for others avails us.

Please show us how to live a sustainable life style and green available electricity.

Post stuff calling out the hoax, use cash, start using platforms that are resisting censorship like bitchute rather than scum like yootube, support business that are resisting the bullshit, walk a straight line and let believers flee in terror, be yourself, mock the fuckers until they turn green, make up random lists of micro resistance and post them as comments


Yep I got that.

how did it taste? :)


Lol🤣 just joking🤮

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I can build a turbine out of a washing machine.. :D

Yep, modern washing machines have a nice permanent magnet motor.
All kinds of things you can do with that.

I'd like to see what you know :)

I think there is no better or worse here. People do different things. They go protest and others make entries on the internet. Still others do both. Very few have the possibility to produce their own food, water and electricity. People would like to do it, then they would probably protest less.

But the diversity of what people do to express their will is a sign that they have different paces, that they arrive at different insights at different times.

For example, because I am no longer a young person, I have voluntarily restricted myself, because I gave up vacation trips, I gave up getting around and traveling a lot at all. For over ten years I have been living a much more modest life than I did before. For me personally, therefore, limiting my social existence seems to me to be a form of punishment that I do not deserve, because I had already begun to limit myself voluntarily. Nevertheless, I am lumped together with all the others who have not (yet) felt this voluntariness. This hurts in a certain way because I feel unjustifiably hit. I voluntarily went into a kind of celibacy because my high time of wanting to connect sexually is over anyway, I don't go dancing and sweating, rubbing myself and I haven't been in close body contact for a long time. Of course I can't and don't want to do without it completely. A massage, an ostheopathic treatment, a physical therapy would always be welcome. Also the care by close ones, man, family by hugging etc. is vital.

We are currently taking it incredibly far. Not only do we condemn physical contact, we even extend the guilt of contact to attitudes that people seem to have, and who is seen with whom, who might have a wrong attitude, is immediately included in the guilt that is attached to this or that person. Gossip culture.

Young people need physical closeness, they go to courtship, to dance, to show themselves as suitable lovers or spouses. What else should they do, if their biological development provides for such things? I think it is terrible that these young people should now find this forbidden, wicked, dirty, contagious and ugly. Out of such a suppression of actually positive feelings and needs, the same thing always arises: compulsive repression of one's own natural needs and as a consequence the suppression of the spontaneous feelings of fellow human beings (from victim to perpetrator). Just like the other extreme: unbridled, ruthlessly, to the point of excessive living out of needs without any feeling of self-worth and value of the other. To advertise oneself, to sell oneself, to climb on others and to offer oneself in a self-injuring way as well as to exploit and count unloving adventures.

In any case: Imagine that nobody would take to the streets to protest. Not a single person would show himself in public. Wouldn't that be extremely strange?