WIN 3 Rising Star Card - With Undead Fred

in #soccerlast month (edited)

No winner last round - So lets make a new chance to win this cards.


Guess right result in this game. It has to be LEEDS as a winner.

First comment with right result will get this cards.

I will continue with this contest until someone win. Come and grab them!


Leeds 2:1 Wolverhampton Wanderers FC

!BEER First comment

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I'm gonna go with 2 - 0 ;)

Leeds - Wolverhampton 2-1

one other has already guess at that.
2-0 and 2-1 is already taken.
What about 1-0?

How about a 1-1

thats a good guess. But to win this price you need to guess a result that is winning for leeds.

Leeds 1:2