Snowing in September?

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Hi Friends,

Last weekend, we got in the car as a family and as I drove out of the garage, I noticed all the ash from fires in the local mountains was making it look like it was snowing out...

I promptly used my phone to turn on some Christmas music :) It was pretty funny and ironic, as it was 110 degrees outside. We listened to Christmas music the rest of the drive (15 minutes) and everyone enjoyed it more than I thought they would.

In all seriousness, the fires are pretty bad right now and prayers go out to those fighting the fires and those who have been displaced from their homes, either by evacuation precautions or by being lost to the fires.


Thanks for coming by,

Photo credit: CBS local news


So many awesome spots are burning up right now... it makes me sad thinking about it.

Yeah, very sad indeed 👎🏻