What Would I Do As A SNAX Block Producer?

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What hardware should I use?

I would rent a server from http://ouvaton.org a French coop providing internet dedicated servers.

How much time should I dedicate to technical maintenance?

Implementing updates on the server request about 2 hours every 15 days.

How much time should I dedicate to maintaining normal relationships with other Bps?

Coordinating efforts with other Bps is a crucial point, so a 1h weekly online meeting is requested.
Each BPs also have to spend some times on the Discord server.

How much time should I dedicate to campaigning for getting votes from regular users?

At the beginning of the endeavor, collecting votes from new users request a lot of times, because It need to explain what is SNAX, how it works and so on…then a bi-monthly newsletter on Steem about block production and new dApps should be enough.

how much from my stake should be dedicated to promotion?

With 2 million SNAX staked, it is worth to spend 10 % of my SNAX in promotion. Competition for new tokens is rude and marketing campaigns are not free.
Having creative ideas is one point but it is also important to develop a team of dedicated marketers that can post about SNAX, promote the ecosystem and beta test new dApps.

How long should I wait before getting some profits ?

I will follow 3 Indicators: number of users, number of transactions and capital exchange.
I also should maintain incomes from other jobs to be able to pay the bills in Euro for the next 3 years.

Image source : https://unsplash.com/photos/harf8bT8ND4

This is my contribution to the #snax #challenge30days implemented by @dragosroua. Day 22.
My SNAX ID is chrisaiki.
See you tomorrow.


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