Wallet, my beautiful wallet, tell me how many coins I HODL?

in #snax2 years ago

The last leather wallet I bought, it was in Buenos Aires when I was travelling for the Cargill group. Quite a lot of water had flowed under the bridges since then.

I am still using this wallet to store some Euro, mainly to buy fresh bread at the bakery. Should I remind you I am French !

I also have a second leather wallet to store some Swiss Francs because I am living 35 km far from geneva and when you go to Geneva, you should expect to pay for something : parking, water, toilets… nothing is free in Geneva.

The first electronic wallet i installed on my computer has been the Solarcoin wallet.
After few month, you have to install a new version if you want to access your coins.

The Evergreencoin wallet is also running on my computer from times to times but it is slowing down my computer.

Two years ago, I invested in TenX because I wanted a plastic card to spend my cryptos. So Installed the TenX wallet on my smart phone.
Having a wallet in your phone is nice, but what happen when you loose your phone ?
If someone steals it ?

I have a Bitshares account and you should have one too. Bitshares is the best decentralized exchange and I hope that SNAX will be available on Bitshares soon.
I saved my .bin file to access my Bitshares wallet on an USB drive.
So if my computer collapse, which could happen at any times, I can still access my wallet. If I don’t loose my USB backup !

As an owner of a Steem account, I also have a Steemit wallet and its long key.

I also installed the Metamask chrome extension for Ethereum but I do not use Ethereum a lot.
The SNAX online wallet looks quite easy to use. I am not a security expert and I cannot judge how secure it is. Times will tell.

And of course we have to notice the nanoledger or trezor hard wallet, but I do not have any of them. I would be afraid to loose it.

Using crypto for day-to day expenses with a limited amount of crypto does not require a high level of security. Storing money for your retirement is a completely different story. There is no electronic technology that can prevail to stay alive for more than 10 years long ( except the bitcoin blockchain ?)

So providing a secure and easy to use wallet is certainly a very important point for a new player in in the game like SNAX.

I would like to take this opportunity to ask you to sold all your USD. USA is using a scam coin called Dollar to make pressure on sympathetic countries like Mexico. Does anybody body realize that a dollar does not have any more value than a SNAX ? it is all about trust.

Image source : https://unsplash.com/photos/MNjDx0D0k4c

This is my contribution to the #snax #challenge30days implemented by @dragosroua. Day 21.
See you tomorrow.


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