STEEM, SMT and/or Steem-Engine: Would a STEEM based Amazon-KDP/Smashwords/Kobo-Writinglife alike platform be feasable?

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As a fiction author, I accidentally stumbled into the concept of STEEM-first publishing of my work. I thought I was done with writing fiction after bumping heads with a few nasty group mods on Goodreads and then, when I found STEEM, I refound my passion for fiction through the great and supportive community here.

For most fiction authors though, even large groups of fiction authors who do have a STEEM account, going STEEM-first with their work really doesn't fit with the way they think about making money from their work. The idea that many have is, "Why would anyone pay for fiction that already is available for free?"

As a result, we have groups of top content creators who choose to only post old work that no longer is getting any sales on Amazon, iBooks, Kobo and whatever channels these authors use and at most publish some teaser material for their new work.

The upcoming changes in HF21 are likely to make the hurdle for fiction authors to be convinced to go STEEM-first even higher.

But then, we have Steem-Enging, ScotBot and soon we'll have SMTs. Could any of these technologies pull content creators who curently stick to publishing their original content (first) on Amazon KDP, Google Play's parner center, Smashwords and Kobo's Writinglife to the STEEM platform?

With STEEM becoming a more flexible content platform, we still have the seven day money making window hard coded into the base STEEM coin that isn't really compatible with most fiction, but maybe tokens or SMT's could fix that. Create a way for fiction outhors to publish their work on STEEM and, like on Amazon or Kobo, have a modest yet relatively passive source of income for many years if they keep publishing new books that draw attention to the old ones.

I feel strongly that, if the technology given to us in SMT and/or scotbot survices, the creation of a STEEM based direct publishing platform akin to KDP and WritingLife could bring in much-needed top content creators and increase the intrincic value of the STEEM platform. Especially if authors could be enticed to opt for publishing STEEM-first.

The big question is though:

Would the SMT + ScotBot technology survice for making a KDP killing STEEM Direct Publishin DApp?

Currently I don't have sufficient insights in the new and upcoming technology to know if we are there yet. If we are close to a point where an Amazon/Smashwords/Kobo/Play-Books killing DApp/Token combination could be made a reality.

So my question for those who do have insights into the inner details of ScotBot and SMT: What are your thoughts on this? Could such a thing be created soon? And/or what would it take to build?


The idea is nice but the way it works here now you will not make an income for life but 7 days.
I would call that a waste of time, energy, a good book.
A good book should be published, also not be an ibook only.
What you read on paper you will remember better as what you read on a screen.

I would not publish my book here. Too less people around who love to read.

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I think that a writers guild Palnet/steemleo type page could work. It would not give a long payout window as has been mentioned, but there are readers who do leave tips on written works that have already payed out.

I don't know how you would go about it, there is a lot of varying quality when it comes to writing, not all the story written content is as valuable as payouts would indicate on steemit.

Content control would need to be maintained, like the above two mentioned new groups plan on doing. If I want to read something I am going there to read, not to look at pictures of baby billy sucking on his feet.

Like the Pal net page you do not need a lot of categories, and category control could be a near impossible thing to control, categories such as Fiction, Fantasy, Poetry, Sci-fi, well you get the idea. As a consumer I would visit this style of page.

I do like the fact that we are getting more and more specialty magazines on the rack, thus more places for the consumers to consume and more places for the Creators to put their works.