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Although this is a Summer season going on but I am going to share a very nice skin care tip for the winter seasons. As many of you guys must having Winter season at your place.

Winter season is all about cracking heels and damage the hands. This season required EXTRA care for your hands. Using hand and nail cream is the nicest solution to restore the damaged hands. Such hand creams helps you to look younger and softer. There is only one condition that hand cream should be full of moisturizer and rich as the palm skin is thicker.⁣

I'm using Argan Hand and Nail Cream by Victoria Beauty which is so rich to penetrate into your skin nicely. Your hands may feel sticky after applying it but later on, you will love the feel of softness on your hands. Argan oil is enriched with vitamin E and Omega Fatty Acid which is perfect for all skin type. It has numerous benefits. Its not heavy nor light.⁣

🙋A Pro Tip: Keep moisturizing your hands every time.⁣

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