Skin Care Tip#3 | Benefits of Olive Oil

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..continue to the series of skin care related tips. I'm brought you an Olive Oil benefits.

Do you use Olive Oil daily?
Did you know how much olive oil is beneficial for your skin and health?
I bet, you may not be familiar with its your health, skincare, hair care, and much more than that. ⁣

I want you to to be known benefits that where oil helps you the most in your skincare routine. I love its aroma. You can use it as unlimited for salad. I am here to tell you some of its skincare benefits. ⁣

Here you go,⁣

♠ Natural Moisturizer: Olive oil is a Natural Moisturizer which helps to soft your skin and moisturize well. It helps you to soften your hands and grow your nails (💅) fast. Most of the people use it as a lotion on their faces to get extra softness and smoothness. It also best for using after sunburn because of its antioxidant effects.⁣

♠ Exfoliator: Do you have dry skin? If yes, then use Olive oil on your face right now. It is the best skin exfolitor. Make a scrub using olive oil with sea salt then apply it on your face. ⁣

♠ Eye Makeup Remover: You don't need to buy any other makeup remover if you got an olive oil at your home. Take a few drops of olive oil on a cotton ball then use it to remove eye makeup. It removes each and every makeup particle. ⁣

♠ Treat Hyper-pigmentation: Squeeze a lemon in olive oil then apply it on an effected area. It helps to reduce aging effects due to its antioxidant contents.⁣

♠ Wrinkle Care: Apply an Olive oil with a pinky finger under your eyes. Do it regularly. You may wonder to see the final result.⁣

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Excelentes recomendaciones, para mejorar la salud... y lo mejor,todo natural