Sunday Skiing Fun at 49N

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Fun day on the mountain with a number of fun runs through the trees and blasting down some groomers. I had managed to find myself on lift 4 when it broke down too. I made it to tower 3 then it suddenly stopped. I sat there for 5 minutes then the lift moved and got me to tower 10 and stopped again for 5 minutes. I was so close to jumping the lift but it finally started and my very minimal patience won out.


Art, Q, Daniel, and Alli were all there but I kept wandering by myself. I was trying to hit all the good powder packed tree areas since the prior day had seen nearly a foot of new snow. Concentrator ended up being some of the best powder on the mountain and had seen hardly any traffic by late afternoon.


I am figuring this will likely be my last day on the mountain unless I get a burr up my but to go up this next monday... We have storm system coming through this weekend that could mean a nice bit of new snow on the mountain and since the weather will mess with the rock it might be good to go. I will see.


I am pretty stoked to get my 50 mph top speed for day again. One of my little goals is to hit 50+ mph at least once each time at a resort. I am also contemplating what I am going to do next season. Thinking I may just buy day passes for different mountains that way I am more likely to go to different ones rather than only to the one I have a season pass for. We have a boat load of resorts in the area and I need to go explore them.


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