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RE: Jazz drumming , keys and skating

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Wooooow broooo this is amazing i can't belive it we have that same kind of vibe about músic. I'll try to create músic for skate too. Very cool this i love it. I'm Really happy to find this


Hey dude thanks so much sorry I took so long to reply . I dont check my Peakd as often as I should.

Its ok my friend, dont problem at all! I love the mood of your music and band, I remember a little bit of some of my bands here that I had long past ago... now since 2017 I return to play music but 100% for youtube and steemit (now hive) if you wanna take a look some day bout my crazy experiments be my guest, I create like 3 music post every week here in my post and in my youtube channel. lml
take care and keep going with your stuffs, its very awesome.
salut from caracas. southamerica

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