The Silver Penny Project: Silver at $17.92 RESTEEM THIS POST FOR 0.10 SLVP

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FREE SILVER! Resteem this post within 7 days and comment below for 0.10 SLVP

Silver is Climbing High

Looks like we are going to enter into 2020 with a nice silver price, just waiting to explode upwards!

Updated December 30th, 2019

STEEM is Holding Steady

Silver @ $17.920 USD
STEEM @ $0.132 USD

What is the Silver Penny Project?

When silver prices drop, enthusiasts run to their local coin dealer with fiat in hand. But what if you wanted to purchase AG using STEEM? Do you know any silver dealers who accept STEEM? One does... it's the Silver Penny Project!

Actual Redeemable Silver Quarters

Silver Penny
MAX SUPPLY: 100,000

The Silver Penny Project:

  • Each SVLP is redeemable for 1/25 of a pre-1965 silver quarter (a silver "penny")
  • Token selling price is pegged to 0.007232 OZT silver + premium
  • Tokens are redeemable for silver quarters beginning January 1, 2020

Send a minimum 25 SVLP to @thesilverpenny and contact us on discord here for shipping arrangements. We will send a randomly selected pre-1965 silver quarter and mail it to your address. SLVP can be bought and sold in all countries, however silver quarter redemption is available only within the continental US.

Tokens Backed With REAL Silver

This is a great opportunity to easily convert your STEEM into historical "junk" silver coins you can hold in your hands and add to your stack. Dates vary from "unreadable" to 1964. Which silver quarters will you get? Who knows! It's random!

The initial sale will be for 1000 "Silver Penny" tokens (40 Silver Quarters), a full silver quarter roll.

Please considering following @thesilverpenny for updates. If you have any questions contact us on discord.

All token prices are subject to free-market conditions.


I hope this post has been useful in explaining the Silver Penny Project and that you can see the investment opportunity here. This is an easy way to "ride the wave" when silver prices recover, which some predict will be very soon. This token gives you the potential of holding physical silver in your hand, for STEEM. I'd like to chat more, look me up on discord here.

These are the actual silver quarters backing the SLVP token.

Silver on!


With the price currently spiking, you should be looking good.

Each SLVP works out to about 1.1 steem each, making each silver quarter (25 SLVP) about $3.60 USD


Thank you. 0.10 SLVP sent!

Commenting for some free tokens 😁


0.10 sent

I do love what you are doing with this project! Resteemed!!!!

Thank you! 0.10 SLVP sent!

resteemed and have a !BEER on me

Thank you! 0.10 SLVP sent!

thanks. I want to look into your project further.


Thank you. 0.10 SLVP sent!


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Thank you. 0.10 SLVP sent!

Interesting. Resteemed.

Thank you. 0.10 SLVP sent!

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Still working on it. Soon.

Hey @thesilverpenny, here is a little bit of BEER from @cflclosers for you. Enjoy it!


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resteemed it, love the free coins 😀😂😊

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