Will You Participate? Purchase AG and Put the SQUEEZE on the BANKERS

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The Day After Tomorrow: The May 1st Silver Squeeze

There is a collective movement to make silver purchases all coordinated on a single day, to cause there to be shortages in the market, forcing suppliers to go up the chain to the mythical and fictitious vaults allegedly filled with AG. We want to show the world that these vaults are BONE DRY, empty of the "tons" of AG that is claimed on paper.

When the vaults are proven to be empty, we the people are discovered to be the possessors of wealth, not the bankers printing promissory notes.




More than a Squeeze, A Massacre

The big banks are going to be shouting "May Day!" "May Day!" Where are they going to find the silver to back their promissory notes?

What will they do when it becomes known they are writing BAD checks. Their vaults are soon to be empty. Only the first to cash out of the PONZI will get paid, the rest will be stiffed.

Will you participate in the #silversqeeze?


Let's see what happens!

I am shopping hard tomo... the “price” (scoff, scoff) may do some dips doodling, but what happens when the bullion dealers just throw up their hands and cry: there’s none left!

I’m buying hard right now...

Sounds like a good plan. I try to stack on a regular basis. Enjoyed.

Yup... that's the plan!

Yes I will continue to stack.