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Hi guys, and thanks for stopping by!

In looking through my stack this afternoon, I came across a forgotten 5 ounce piece. It was tucked back in the stack and upon bringing it into the light, this is what I found.


It is a 5 Troy Ounce NWTM with the Northwest Territories in nice relief on the obverse side. This appears to be a gold wash on certain areas of the round, but I can find no information in searching the internet to clue me in more. It shows trade routes to places over seas to the west.

The reverse side,


shows an eagle over top of a star, both in gold wash with nice relief. It shows 5 Troy ounces around the perimeter of the round along with .999 fine silver, separated by 3 stars. By the lower right side of the star are the letters NWTM.

Apparently, back in March of 2016, the owner of NWTM, Ross Hansen, had lost a defamation lawsuit and was ordered to pay over 12 million dollars immediately in damages . He then filed for bankruptcy. It also came to light that he was using payments made by customers for orders, to fulfill previous orders made. In essence, robbing Peter to pay Paul. It didn't end well for him or his business.

This round has a brilliant mirror finish on the obverse and reverse, with the exception of the states and the eagle and star. It's a nice little chunk of shiny and the contrast of the gold wash and silver is appealing to the eye. I am happy to have this in my stack!

And of course, @stokjockey, I weighed both sides and here are the results:



Have a lovely evening or day (depending on where you are in the world) and please leave comments below! Take care all!😘💕🤗

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NWTM seems make pretty nice product according to their website which has been still up since they closed doors. Too bad, quite a bit of their product comes up to Canada as I have a few bars and a silver 50 Cal bullet from them in my stack.
Thanks for sharing Sista @elizabethbit

You bet! I read they've been acquired by some company that I think is dealing in silver, Ranger something or other, but I didn't really pursue looking at it as I was really hoping to find more info on this round. Thanks for commenting sis! Take care and have a good night @kerrilravenhill! Oh, and my son has a 50 cal gun if you want to shoot a werewolf or anything, lol!

very good coin

Thanks for commenting! It is appreciated! 😎

NWTM makes one of my favorite American Eagle Trade Unit silver round. That round depicts another great design of the bald eagle. From where I am viewing the pictures, that eagle design appears to be gold gilded. I also love the Topographic map of the Northwest! Thanks for showing us this hefty piece of a silver round. I love it!
Be safe and take care always, my sweet stacking sis @elizabethbit 🥰🌺🤙 and lots of love and hugs 🤗🤗💕

Thank you my sister! It's a pretty neat round! Be safe and take care of yourself. I hope you are holding up well in all of this holing up in our homes! Our weather is so unpredictable right now, I'm not sure we're going hiking today or not. The last thing I want is to get drenched and invite a cold with this virus thingy running around.❤️🤗❤️