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Hi Friends,

I got outside this weekend and did some gold prospecting! I found gold at this particular location last time I was out, and wanted to explore it a little more. I started my hike at 7am and was back at the truck at 4pm with about an hour hike each direction.

I spent the first few hours running a stream sluice box, and the last few hours doing some crevicing. I didn't find anything crevicing so it all came from the sluice box. Here is what I ended up with:


Here is where I found most of the gold bearing dirt:


This was the trailhead and a shot of the general terrain:



I carry along a pinpointer that I use to metal detect the big rocks that can't fit through my classifier before running through the sluice box. I got hits on these rocks, so they must be some sort of metal or there is gold inside of them:



I found this picture of gold ore on the internet which looks close to what I found, so perhaps I may get lucky if I can smash up the rock:


A fun day out and good exercise... thanks for coming by,


Very interesting, @brian.rrr. Thanks for sharing the educational material.

Thanks for coming by!

The spot looks like it has potential, but like all spots it's a gamble and it takes a bunch of work to find out. But that's also part of the fun! lol.

Totally agree! What I really need to do is bring a gold hound like you out there and then I will really be able to find the gold!

I'm definitely down to go check it out. This is a GPAA claim?

Free gold, how much does it weigh? just get a permit and a big giant drill and you can be an exploration company.

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Hehe, good thinking! Honestly, it’s so little I just added it to my vial with other prospected gold. Definitely worth less than $10 total, and I spent $20 in gas, $5 for parking on Forest Service Land, was on a claim that I pay to be a member of, plus cost of equipment, etc. maybe next time out I will find a 1 oz nugget tho... it’s the adventure and exercise that makes it worth it to me!

That is so cool!


If only someone invented a portable ball mill and refiner that could easily fit in a backpack.

🤔🤔 😃

nice one @brian.rrr

Thanks my friend.

youre welcome @brian.rrr