Nothing like silver pressies..

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It's been a while since I looked at silver. Honestly, with everything going on, saving for the midwife then having a baby, spending money on silver has been the last thing on our mind, and last thing we need to spend on.


This year is a big year in terms of firsts and milestones.

This Father's Day will be Hubby's first, I'm turning 40 and then it's Bella's first birthday.

I've been looking for the best present to commemorate these events and decided out of all the options available buying silver is the best.

One thing I noticed straight away are the prices. Is it only me or is silver more expensive these days?

Also, is there a shortage? I can't find the ones I want in the size I want.

Are people hoarding silver at the moment?

I actually wouldn't be surprised if they were.

What I'm looking for..

At the moment I'm hunting down...

1oz 2020 Panda : For Bella

@dfinney sent her her first coin last year and I'd like to continue the collection by buying the same coin every consecutive year.

screenshot image from Silver Gold Bull


1oz 2019 Year of the Pig : For Bella

My second choice if I can't find the panda. I might even settle for a 1/2 oz for this one.

screenshot image from Coins Australia

1oz Anything cool for Hubby.

This is a little bit easier. So far I've seen Back to the Future and Jurassic Park 1oz rounds. There's also a Double Dragon from Perth Mint that looks insane.

screenshot image from Coins Australia

For me...

1oz Kookaburra, Any Year.

@dfinney gives the best pressies. Another score from her that I'd like to continue collecting.

screenshot image from Silver Gold Bull

So far it's been hit and miss. I can't find everything I want from one website. One site has the dragon coin, but doesnt have the pig, another site has neither but has the back to the future round...

🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ It's doing my head in.

Anyone know of a good site (in Australia) to buy rounds from?

At the moment I'm leaning towards Coins Australia, Silver Gold Bull and Direct Coins.

If you know of a better site please share the link in the comments 🙏



It sounds like you have a very good stacking plan @bearone! I wish I knew more about beautiful Australia, and where the best place would be to buy silver....I think @dfinney is the most knowledgeable!
Congratulations on Bella's first birthday, take care!!!!

Thanks @silvertop 🤗!! Just need to get cracking and execute the plan. Yeh @dfinney is a wealth of knowledge for sure!

Have a good day my friend, stack on!!🤗

I think its a fine Stacking plan @dfinney and the only issue is availability, which is a big issue here up north of the border. It's likely a much better selection and prices than what I see. I've been gifting silver to nieces and nephews myself. Silvergoldbull has been my frequent shopping sites here. Keep stacking Sis.

Gifting silver is definitely a choice 👌 plan. I gave a nephew one of my 2017 steem silver rounds for his first birthday and put it in a shadow box. Figured it's a present they can keep for a long time not like a toy they outgrow in a few weeks/months.

Silvergoldbull is definitely a favourite site of mine. Shame they dont offer free shipping!

Our mint makes epic stuff that I wish I could buy XD Oldest bought himself a coin with his star sign on it from there when we went on an excursion some years back.

Meanwhile I can't believe how epic coin art has become.

Good luck sourcing the coins you want :)

Perth Mint? Which coin did he get?!! All I could find are the lunar ones.

Yeh the coins these days are amazing works of art. I saw one that glowed in the dark. Unfortunately it wasn't silver.

WOW, it certainly is a milestone year for your family. If not three silvers then one is also good, I think. Silver lasts for centuries... but you know that already. I would be curious what piece you will decide on. I live everything that you showed. Yeah.... continue collecting precious metals, by friend @bearone. You hod it, you own it!
Have a wonderful weekend, and take care 🥰🌺🤙

Hey @silversaver888!! Yep, it's a big year for us. I'm definitely keen to get more silver this year. It's definitely a solid investment! Hope you had a fab weekend!

With the increase in spot prices of precious metals, I find myself buying fewer ounces. But I continue just the same.. an ounce is always better than none at all. We all stack at our own pace.. and slow but steady always wins the race. Take care 🥰🌺🤙

Physical silver is getting hard to come by. People have been buying it up for a while now, because it's highly undervalued due to the fact the markets have been manipulated. JP Morgan is desperately trying to keep the price down by flooding the market with paper silver, but people are asking for the physical and there's little left. At some point it won't matter what the markets are doing, the physical will be selling at a price that matches demand. A friend works at a jewellers that sells bullion and all they have at the moment are 1kg and 500g bars of silver and 1oz gold.

So yes, I'd say that people are hoarding and expect it to only go up in price. If you can find what you're looking for, snap it up while you can.

Yo! I have wondered about the paper silver. Seemed bleh tbh. I looking at price per oz and the paper was like wtf is this? The designs are cool though.

Thanks for the advice! I feel like I really need to get a move on and buy what I can while I can.

Slim pickings out there.


Silver prices have gone UP!!! Fun if you are selling... garbage if you are buying!

I wonder if you could just call a dealer?

I bought stuff here In person when we were back in Aus.

There is also a coin shop on George Street in Sydney just down from Martin Place. They seemed over priced but well stocked.

There is also this website.

Yeh girl! I was shookt when I saw the prices!! Serves me right for dawdling and falling off the stacking wagon.

Don't know if I could call them or how that would even work but that downies link is 🔥 wish we had 99 to spare a month, I'd so get that subscription 🤤🤤🤤

I gotta sit down with my loot tomorrow and figure out what I really want to get/do.

Do I want to collect series or just want silver. I feel like the longer I deliberate the less chance I have to actually getting what I want.

Them silver hoarders are SERIOUS!

The silver thing is two-fold. One people are freaking out because global instability so people buy All the silver and hoard it. Two I have heard mining has slowed because of covid.

It is L A M E.