A Much Anticipated Package Arrives!

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Well.. the moment finally arrived! I had been hoping that this package was going to arrive any day soon... and as I started seeing other people post about receiving their particular versions of this parcel... well, let's just say that I was starting to worry that this little thing had been lost in the post... after all, it wouldn't have been the first time that something got lost in the post... and Christmas time and New Year is a dangerous time for a little package to be winging it's way around the world!

Anyway, I did get the notice that I had something to pick up from the post office a couple of days ago... and of course, the very first thing that I did was run down to the post office... only to be told in a very polite way that if I looked at the post office delivery notice, that it would only be there after 1500 the next day... @#$%@#$%... at least they were really nice about my reading fail!... but sometimes, excitement trumps all other thinking and rational skills!


Seriously, these precious metal guys really know how to wrap a package... I pity their kids when it comes to birthday and Christmas presents... let me tell you, it is really quite tricky to get these buggers open. A sharp knife really is necessary! Even when you get the outer layer open... there is still an inner layer that is all protected by bubble wrap and about 5 tons of sticky tape!

That said, I prefer that these things are well protected, rather than the other way around...


... and here are the little goodies! This year's STEEM rounds!... well, actually they are 2019... and they look really great in person! A photo (especially my crappy ones...) don't really do them justice. The design looks great, and was the winning design after a community comptetion shortly after #newsteem reinvigorated our STEEM home.


Big thanks to the organisers, @raybrockman and @ssg-community for sorting this all out... it is a big undertaking... and let's just say that you have made some STEEMians very very happy all around the world! We're just like kids when it is time to go downstairs and open the presents of Christmas Day!

Thank you!

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Are you telling me that the big package in the first photo resulted in a one ounce silver round? Only one? Amazing!

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... ha ha... yes sure, only one!

I would have been running to the post office also without reading the details if I knew what was waiting there for me in this case :).

A very nice piece of silver steem you got there!

Yep... it's pretty embarrassing when the post office worker is trying really hard in the nicest way possible to tell you that you are a dumbarse for not reading...

Womp womp! Shiny as slick shit man!

Hehe.... they look so good in real life!