Showcase April - Why is it important to follow and upvote small accounts? - The key to a healthy community growth

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Who doesn´t want a bunch of whales upvoting their post and making $1,500 SBD in a day? We all do.

That´s a fact.

Insomnia and steem-stalking made me realize a lot of my followers and in general a lot of accounts on steemit follow, upvote and comment on whales posts in order to get visibility and try to make them follow them back, myself included, and I think there´s is nothing wrong in that. I mean, we all want those valuable upvotes that could decide if the post succeeds or fails.

The thing is, a good percentage of those accounts I stalked have a considerable amount of followers but themselves follow just a small group of important or big accounts.

I noticed that in order to make the Steemit community grow and keep it a healthy one, a lot of whales have stopped posting everyday and a lot of them rather curate good content and try to give visibility to certain posts, they also take time to reward smaller accounts that have good ideas or a hidden talent but most of all:

They care about the community as a whole and they are way past the I want to gain followers which will give me a lot of upvotes.

A lot of whales could just post everyday and make a lot of money just by liking their own posts and having all their followers like them but they don´t do it. They put the community growth before their own interests because they know that if the community grows in a healthy and steady way and small accounts become medium, eventually their own accounts will get bigger and more powerful.

I am not a mining nor a crypto currency expert but I´ve read in steem chat and in some blog entries of some of you that the percentage of accounts that sign up and then stop coming back is huge. In the last days the steem coin value went down a little and a lot of new accounts and temporary users left the community.

If we, as minnows and dolphins, spend more time curating good content and engaging with new or small accounts as the big whales do, we will be contributing in a more meaningful way to keep this community growing. If the community grows, we all grow with it.

My advice is: Engage, comment and upvote the little guy. Give your vote a meaningful purpose:

Make them come back, make them feel part of steemit, encourage them to keep posting, comment people´s posts in the introduceyourself tag.

Get involved.

They might follow you, they may not. Their vote won´t mean 5 SBD but as the community grows they will gain Steem power and the fact that you supported them when they were new will pay up in the future. But do not do it because of that, do it for the community, this is just something that will happen for a fact if you put the community before yourself.

If we all do this, before you realize it, the community will be ten times bigger and we will all get bigger rewards and get more quality content.

Let´s make Steemit the best version it can be.


A lot of what you say may seem right, may read right, but I have to say I disagree with a lot of it. I agree more with @whack-science's response.

As in part of my response to him/her "Get a good solid footing by following people with a solid footing, and that produce content you can enjoy and are interested in."

I am still following a lot of the people I initially started following, I do not follow a lot of accounts. I don't care about a person status, minnow dolphin, orca, or whale. I came for the content. I vote on the content, not on the size of a persons account.

People want to make social block chain participation as hard and as difficult as possible, it really is not that hard to participate, it is simple. Find content you like, read it, vote it comment on it. Make content you like and others might like.

HIVE Could Face a Massive Class Action Lawsuit for Intellectual Property Theft


A group of rogue members of the Steem blockchain community have unilaterally copied the intellectual property of millions of content creators without even the slightest decency to even attempt to seek their consent...

You touch a few valid points... but given the way this blockchain is going, I can't foresee any bright future. Almost a week after a hard fork, and I'm yet to see any kind of official post about what is going on and where is steem heading, future plans, etc. It kind of sums things up for me.

We need to stop focusing on the financial aspect and be more concerned about the social aspect. Steem is a cryptocurrency, for those interested in finance, while Steemit is a social network app. The success of a social network has to have it's focus on connecting humans for socializing, not financial gain.

All valid points. Everyone was a small fish at some point... and I remember well that one of the reasons I didn't just blow off" Steemit (as we called it, back then) when I came here in early 2017 was that my very first post was featured by @curie, as a result of which I was suddenly able to connect with all sorts of people who came to check out my posts... including a couple of larger fish who gave me some encouragement.

Spending a little time perusing the "introduceyourself" tag regularly is NOT a waste of time...

It's nice to read that as a whale and a major steem investor, you think about valuing small accounts, authors who want to contribute with quality content (1, 2, 3) that is often undervalued.

I really liked your publication. I share it in my blog

I agree with you. Everyone was once small :) I think we should think more about the content and not just the SP, SBD... Let's make steemit great again! 😄✌🏻

Love the idea that we should invest into quality content, if I see a small but interesting account, I'll never miss a chance to upvote or resteem it.

Very good advice.

totally agree, dude... keep it up.

The key to winning as a social platform, where content is rewarded, is getting mass adoption. Influencers that enter the eco-system, new sign-ups that enroll instantly and a smooth mobile experience.

I'm not sure if Steem will win this race, there are more and more contenders these days.

All the trick is the persistence!
This is as a married, in the good and Bad momentos 😉

If the Great Ones thought like you, then this network would be something great, I keep inviting people to join Steemit and I give them personal advice so that they learn and grow quickly, which I did not have, since I had to learn and search on my own If I found several that were supporting me but their support was momentary, but if what you say succeeds then everything will be better and different. Thank you!