Showcase-Sunday - Perseverance, Constance & Authenticity on the Steem blockchain.

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And yet, some mysteries & enigmas still seems imperturbably endless at simple sight.


"When you are simply trying to be part of the team"

¿How much time, focus, and money is lost each day

to a lack of imperturbableness?

Then you start to wonder...

“If your whole life has been a lie”

Nonchalant, Complacent & Stoical ¿Indisturbability?

Yeah! today is Sunday. And it's on Sundays that we use to write and publish our customary "Showcase-Sunday" resurrection posts.

Those old posts that @nonameslefttouse the redemptor gave us the power and the license to bring them back to life one more time on weekends.

And this one that I am going to share today is merely another one of those relics of the recent past. One of those old articles whose content hopefully will invite you to think if it will not be true that some things in life actually seem to be eternal and immutable... Like the Steem blockchain. };)

So yeah! let's start!

¡Engagement & Interaction is the name of the game!

Because in this short life there are still things that we will have to keep looking for...


So, without more ado.

Yep, it is 2018 ¡2020! and I still have it.

¡Stronger & Healthier than ever!

(Jan 11 2018)

"The super power that nobody has been able to decipher yet. A true enigma locked in a great mystery wrapped in a very dense riddle"

Actually, there is no way that I can attract and get comments in my posts and replies. Occasionally, just the odd upvotes through a few close friends, some scanty trails and guilds and almost always with very few 'views' also.

But the comments, the loyal interaction, the true feedback, the trusty engagement, the live debate and the real discussions, they all still shine by their absence in my odd content.

Oh! and I can also count with just one hand and I still will have too many fingers free to list the times that a post of mine has been resteemed on the steem blockchain. Go figure!! Tsk Tsk

«-Two Months Ago-»

(Twenty-six months ago nowadays)

Busking for a change

¡I Was Wondering!

...scratching my head!

«-Ten Months Ago-»

(Thirty-five months ago nowadays)

Fishing Feedback

¡And I still kept asking myself!

¿What's going on?

"Thanks to my friend @deaconlee, that I could finally get a comment that made a lot of sense"

"It is possible that you could be considered dangerous in some cultures. Killing is killing right? What you are really doing then is ending the life of a thought process, and for all we know in another dimension that process was a living breathing cognizant being!"

¿Looks and Sounds Reasonable?


So, ¿Who is Sisyphus compared with me? Sisyphus must be clearly a poor dumbass and his strained struggle a plain triviality. A plain triviality, if we compare it with my struggle and effort to obtain a few drops of those sweet external insights about my content and way of thinking.

But well, Oh boy! let's get back to the mixing board one more time. And let's continue trying to lift & abduct those elusive steemians to my posts in more pleasant and less painful ways.

But hell yeah, always with my extravagant and cranky sense of humor.

Perhaps, with fewer hits and bumps in their heads while I'm lifting them, finally they can be encouraged to interact more and comment something at all within my unusual kind of stuff. }:)

¿What about you?

Leave a comment. Share your experiences and feedback. ¡Be part of the conversation!

¡Until Next Time Folks!


"Follows, Comments, Resteems & Upvotes will be highly appreciated"

Cranky Gandalf

Cheers!! :)

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